Best Ways to Give Developers Feedback

Best Ways to Give Developers Feedback
It is valuable to give a software engineer feedback no matter if they did a good job working on something or not. Feedback provides both the employer and the employee a chance to improve and become better at what they are working on.

Also, for a company to be successful it is not only crucial for the employee to give advice, but the rate of productivity can depend a lot on colleagues' team chemistry and that is why peer feedback software engineers can be essential in some situations. 

There are various levels where employees can improve, and while some are with great experience, others are newer. So let’s see some examples of how to give feedback in the right manner.

Be Realistic
This is the first example of giving good feedback, and it goes for any employee. It doesn’t matter if the person is new in the company as a junior or it is an experienced senior developer. Good feedback for junior developer example is to also be realistic when approaching some problem. It doesn’t matter that they are new or starting. If you want a developer that will become better you must tell them where they can improve or what they have to change.

It is very similar with a senior developer also, and even easier because they have the experience from before and will easily understand that the point of the given feedback is to become a better developer. But, it is crucial to be realistic and say it like it is in a good manner.

Avoid Texting 
There is a lot of feedback for developers' examples and one of the most vital is to definitely avoid texting. Yes, you can do some parts of it by texting, or sometimes you have to do it if you can’t talk to the employee in person, and we did experience this due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this is not an excuse. If the situation makes it impossible for a live conversation then you can make a video call. 

The important thing is that by making a video call you indirectly tell the developer that this feedback is highly important and that you respect them. Of course, you can’t do this all the time but for situations when it is something crucial it has to be done.

Two-Way Conversation Is Crucial
Another feedback for software developer examples is the two-way conversation moment. And this is crucial since feedback also means finding a way to resolve a problem or make somebody feel even better for something they did the right way. 

If you make it a two-way conversation the developer will feel comfortable and also be able to give their opinion, and sometimes that will improve the situation the most because the developer is the one that is most connected to the working process. Also, giving feedback does not mean yelling or approach a problem just from one side. That is why it is good to have a two-way conversation and find the best solution for the issue. 

Praise Their Work
Last but not least, you have to praise their work and show them that you care. Every single person on the planet wants to get recognition when something is done well. It is expected and it should be.

So don’t be one of those people who want a lot from an employee, but give so little. Praise their work and don’t hesitate to congratulate on something that was done the right way, or maybe done in a creative different fashion. Even if a developer doesn’t seem thankful in that precise moment, it doesn’t matter, the praise will be remembered and the worker will be proud of themselves. 

It is good not to use only one software engineer feedback example. The best way is to use all of them, also depending on the situation and with whom developer this is happening. Nevertheless, giving feedback is valuable and it will most likely make the working environment even better and more productive. 

So don’t think twice or hesitate, start giving feedback at this very moment and you will see how many benefits will come out of these examples. After all, the only goal is to become better and better every single day. 

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