Can you make a living as an Indie Developer?

Can you make a living as an Indie Developer?
Being a developer can be very creative. I’m talking property, mobile, web, or even the indie developer, they all require a great level of creativity. other than this, they sure require one common thing... funding. 

In an age where conventional processes have been defied, people now have almost weird means of livelihood, contrary to wearing suits and tie to earn a living. The COVID-19 pandemic and its protocols in curbing the spread of the virus were quite helpful in pointing out technologies, ideas, occupations, and new work process flow. Mind opening. 

Game development has been considered a lucrative investment when you have the perfect team to make up a creative plot, animation, graphics, useability, marketing, and extras. This feat has been seen by major game companies like Sony, Nintendo, Tencent, and the likes. So much for the eyes that every creative game developer who is yet to get the buzz wants to give it a shot. Can they go far, can they make a living out of this lone ranger plot? This amongst other possible thoughts have I identified in this piece. 

Who is an Indie developer? 
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An indie developer is the zealous game developer[s] who choose to design and build a game app all by his/herself. The indie developer is culled out from the word Individual, which signifies that such person solely funds the game project by self without funding or technical support from a company, compared to the Tripple A [AAA] games. 

Due to a lack of publisher backing, indie games are usually sold on digital platforms rather than in stores. In such arts, games are made accessible to online game enthusiasts just like independent music or virtual film streaming platforms. 

Where can I find indie developers?  
Knowing the right place to find things saves time and solves all possible riddles. Indie developers just like every search for the right watermelon at the grocery store can be found if only you look well enough. 

Indie developers are found in some forums and platforms, some of the popular ones are seen below. 
1. Discord. 
Game Dev League is an extremely active Discord server. Discord moderators are always available, ensuring that the server is well-organized to accommodate questions and develop ideas for games. 
2. Reddit. 
On Reddit, indie game developers are seen as r/Indie Gaming. A busy indie game creation community where you discover many like-minded developers. 
3. Facebook. 
Indie gamed developers have an active community on Facebook. IndieGameDevs is regarded as a great community for independent game developers. with roughly over 115,000 members, IndieGameDevs is a place to get assistance, learn, and share your progress. 

Can you make a living as an indie developer? 
If we bear it all plain, everyone can earn a living doing anything they feel like doing. Just be on the right path with your target audience of similar values. If you have a product, service, or skill, your part is to find your path to have others locate you. The caveat to this is time. Time is the ultimate metric to classify when your eureka moment comes to be identified, and then you can repeat processes. 

For your doubt, yes, you can earn a living as an indie developer; however, this requires deep funding you may have no clue of at its initial.  
One of the things that identify an indie developer is the ability to fund the development of a game, likewise, spearhead the technical. Pretty tough right? But like the end of the tunnel, there is always light... if you keep moving. 

How much does an indie game developer make? 
I figured you still have your doubt, and I understand, right? Let me help make it clearer. Did you know that the average yearly earning for an Indie Game Developer in the United States is $79,943 as of mid-January, 2022? 

This means that about $38.43 per hour, which equates to $1,537 per week, or if you decide to calculate monthly, a sum of $6,662 would be your remuneration. Did this help? 

Who is the best indie game developer? 
Several emerging Indie game developers keep sprouting in the game world, however, if we are to give a king a name in this field, the best indie game developer is Supergiant These will be familiar to everyone who has played the popular hit Hades. Supergiant Giants makes stunning isometric action games that are both enjoyable and demanding. All of them have fantastic soundtracks, with the music from Transistor being one of my personal favourites.  
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