Can you still use the Flea market in Dubai?

Can you still use the Flea market in Dubai?
Just when you thought you knew it all, a click to the internet unfolds a new depth of information you least considered. and as you read further and broader, it becomes clearer that what you had assumed you knew going by the caption may not entirely be the weight of the content. What can I say? Knowledge is power after all. 

Imagine a market where Fleas are sold, I had earlier considered. But then again, perhaps it was just a caption to get everyone’s attention. Today’s topic will afford me the opportunity of walking you through a market where Fleas are sold in the heart of UAE [United Arab Emirates], Dubai. 

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What is a Flea market? 
A Flea market is an open stall market that affords sellers to showcase a variety of products that have been once used at their stalls for prospective buyers at an affordable price. 

The Flea market shares a range of products from clothing, household appliances, antiques, children's toys, furniture pieces, and many others. 

Why do they call them flea markets? 
With a unique name as this [Flea market] being birth from the idea of used items, buyers enjoy purchasing from the market since it has items discounted, with other side attractions for the kids to play around upon each market visit.  

The notion of the flea market was born at a market in Paris that specialized in the selling of shabby second-hand products that may carry fleas. As the year progressed, the Flea market was seen in several nations, under various names but for the same objective. 

How do Flea markets work? 
The Flea Markets in Dubai started in 2008, and like ordinary markets, it contains one large open space that is separated into smaller sections for each vendor's stand. Each area is rented out to a seller who displays their wares and waits for consumers. 

Items sold at the Flea Market are neatly placed or piled for easy viewing by cash-only purchasers. 

Is the Flea market open daily? 
The Flea market is usually periodically opened, depending on the location. However, in Dubai, the Flea market is open for business once every month. This event takes place on the first Saturday of every month, usually between the hours of 8 am-3 pm. 

In Dubai, the Flea market is one of the most anticipated dates since it goes beyond shopping for discounted used items, but also an avenue where the entire family goes out for a family picnic and some children's entertainment section at the park/location. 

Can you still use the Flea market in Dubai? 
Going by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and its wild spread, especially with the emergence of new strains like the Omicron, one would wonder if gatherings like the Flea market will still be opened for the general public.  

Well, we are not out of the pandemic yet, but there are safety methods suggested by the national and global body to avert the spread and contraction of the virus to which the organizers of the Flea market would adhere. 

With the above clearly stated, yes! You can still use the Flea market in Dubai. 

When is the next Flea market? 
The Flea market in Dubai happens on the first Saturday of every month, and therefore would be next occurring on 8th January 2022. 
The first Flea market in the coming year 2022 would be held at the ZABEEL PARK. 

How do I sell at the Flea market in Dubai? 
To be a vendor at the Flea market in Dubai, you need to register with the organizers, book a stall having identified what you intend to showcase/sell. 

To get a book a stand, a Participation fee of 290 AED + 5% VAT is charged accordingly. This fee provides you access to your stand which has a table for your wares and 2 chairs. 

You can register and pay online at, once payment has been initiated, and confirmed, a notification will be sent out to which would be used to access the event on the market day. 

If you intend to bring a car, you will be levied an AED 10.00 per day. 

What are the top-selling items at Flea market Dubai? 
While several things sell, however, most purchased items range from children's toys, appliances, appliances, clothing, and antiques. 
Now that you have a better view of what the Flea market is, would you be coming to the next Flea market come January? 
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