Can you work in UAE without a work permit?

Can you work in UAE without  a work permit?
Just like the warning in an action movie goes: “do not try this at home”, the thought of working in the UAE [United Arab Emirates] without a work permit should never be considered, as this is termed illegal by the UAE law. 

The contract UAE or a work permit is essential for both the resident, the employer, and even the personnel in charge of the organization's administration, as the UAE has stringent rules controlling immigration and residence inside the UAE. anyone caught engaging otherwise, be it the individual or your employer may face the penalties and other consequences.  

In today's article, I'll tell you all you need to know about work permits in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. I must admit, it's a fascinating read.

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Can you work in UAE without a work permit? 
No, you cannot work in the UAE without a work permit. Considering how orderly the UAE immigration is for the welfare and structured database, it is pertinent that any resident should have his/her papers sorted before commencing work. In a case where this is considered, and the culprit is caught, both the employee, employer, and the organization’s administration will be prosecuted by law. 

Can UAE visit visa be converted to a work permit? 
Let’s address this now, shall we? The UAE visit visa can be converted to a work permit for a while. 
It gets exciting when you plan on staying in Dubai longer than 14 days, either for work or leisure. With this knowledge, one could apply for a visit visa which is usually for 30 or 90 days, and then convert the visa to an employment or residency visa. When applying for a visit visa, certain considerations must be identified, things like the length of your stay, your nationality, the reason for your visit.  

Is a work permit available in UAE? 
There is a work permit available in the UAE also known as a labour card. As a foreigner, once a residence Visa has been provided to you, and you choose to work during your stay in the country, you would need your employer to file a request on your behalf. All that is required of the employee will be an entrance visa, a resident visa, and an Emirate ID card before any work permit request is initiated. 

Is a work permit allowed in Dubai? 
Yes, a work permit is allowed in Dubai. For foreigners who love to stay in the megacity, Dubai, work licenses are issued only by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE). Just like that of the UAE, requests must be applied by the employer. Once you have secured a residence visa, the work permit allows you to enter the UAE and work. This permission is only good for a period of two months.

What are my options for obtaining a working visa in Dubai?
While working visas for Dubai could range from different Visa types depending on the purpose of visit, getting a working visa for Dubai is seamless, provided you have the required documents. 
After the completion of the application form, the applicant has to provide the following: 
    1. Entry permit issued by the Ministry of Labor 
    2. Passport with copies 
    3. Several passports photographs. 
    4. A copy of a valid company card 
    5. Health certificate 
    6. Payment of the application fee must be documented.

Once an applicant has entered Dubai, a medical examination will be conducted immediately, and the following documents to process a work permit would be required. 
    1. Proof of funds.  
    2. An employment contract with a Dubai firm. 
    3. Birth certificate. 
    4. Marriage certificate. [where necessary] 
    5. Accommodation receipt. 
    6. Passport. 

How much does a Dubai work visa cost?  
While Dubai Visa may vary depending on the category one falls under, it is pertinent to identify your skills correctly for the corresponding charges, since the visa cost vary. According to reports, the average UAE visa costs about 7000 AED. 

How can I get my UAE work permit number?  
You can get your UAE work permit number if you Log in to the Tasheel system with credentials.  
    1. From the Work Permits Menu, select the "Issue a new work permit" icon. 
    2. Select your work permit type. 
    3. Enter your information. 
    4. Attach documents where necessary. 
    5. Print your receipts. 

Who can sponsor me in UAE? 
In the UAE, anyone can sponsor anyone, however, the sponsor must have a valid residency permit. 
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