Can Your Horoscope Predict Fertility Issues? Check It Out If You Want Kids!

Can Your Horoscope Predict Fertility Issues? Check It Out If You Want Kids!
Married couples or partners dream of having kids. But it hurts when they face delays or obstacles on this path. They go through countless emotions of distress, sadness, and disappointment. Some lose hope. Do you identify with them? Or, will it be a smooth journey for you to become a parent? No matter what, astrology can guide you. Your native chart can show whether there will be any challenges with conceiving. It involves the study of your planetary movements and different aspects to understand the position of the cosmic influence on your ability to make kids. With awareness, you can travel in your future with ease.

A free horoscope gives daily, weekly, monthly, and full-year predictions about people's lives. You can use an astrology platform to get an insight into the most emotional aspect of your life.

Saturn and fertility issues

The location of the planet Saturn in your birth chart can reveal the hurdles in your path of childbirth. Its presence in the fifth or eighth House indicates troubles with conception. In most cases, it means delay. Some can also struggle to complete their pregnancy. The person can experience severe issues with fertility. Also, if the planet moves to sensitive points in your horoscope, you must be patient and resilient. Saturn transits also indicate the possibility of personal growth concerning fertility. One must know that the planet doesn't influence your chart entirely negatively. It makes you aware of your reproductive health so you can take care of it. If you embrace its teachings, you can become wise and resilient. Your fertility problems may also reduce. 

Fifth house and fertility issues

This House in the horoscope represents your romantic bond, creativity, and self-expression. It stands for speculative endeavors, kids, hobbies, and love life. The fifth House is about the joys of life that allow you to indulge in your passion. When focusing on this, astrologers study the placements of the planets and aspects. Suppose planet Venus enjoys a harmonious position in the natal chart in this part. It means you are an artistic person with a magnetic personality. You are also romantic. However, you may need help with your pursuits if there is any conflict between the planets Saturn and Mars; you may need help with your goals. 

Nevertheless, the same House also suggests the likelihood of having children. Suppose planet Jupiter sits in this House. You will want to have kids or explore creative opportunities. Similarly, Saturn in the same House may mean delays or struggle with conception.  The position of the Moon and planetary aspects also play a critical role in this. 

Your horoscope reading can mirror all of this. Astrology can also suggest remedies if there are challenges in your birth chart regarding conception. Some prayers and rituals can increase your chances of conceiving a child. You can pray to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva to receive positive energy. Some gems like pearl and coral can also enhance your fertility power. You can listen to Santana Gopala's mantra to induce a suitable environment in the home for childbirth.

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