Christmas Lessons you never knew

Christmas Lessons you never knew
Growing up as a kid in junior school back in Providence School, in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria comes with mixed feelings. First of all, I had struggled almost all through my academic years and rarely was eager to go to school. Perhaps it was my nonchalant attitude to things I didn’t find interesting, things like my Sums, or it was the teacher who taught us all. 

While these terms did come and go, one of the periods I eagerly look forward to was the last quarter of the year. Asides from my birthday falling into this phase, the reality that we have something called “Christmas” around is enough reason to live for each day, till the main comes. 

Today, I shall share with you some non-failing universal lessons Christmas teaches, even up till yesterday. 

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Here are some Christmas lessons to note

1. Christmas creates an aura of happiness
You must have come across the popular saying that the happy side is the winning side, but have you also noticed that while someone is happy, it is easier to communicate with them and at the same time almost without caution transfer the happiness to anyone within the radar.  And eating your favorites restaurants same like lechon restaurant and so many other here in Dubai.

Without any reservation for ethnic bias, religion, class, and narratives, Christmas has a salient way of transmitting happiness all around.  

This was before now seen all around, and yesterday was no exception. 

2. Christmas encourages giving
While happiness is seen all around in the heart of Christmas, it has not been heard that happy people do not evaluate their love with an act of giving. 

Giving often comes as meals, drinks, and merriment during Christmas. People like the idea of having people around them, and in the process give food or gifts. 

3. Religious beliefs
Dubai, just like the UAE [United Arab Emirates] has been known to be an open place for all, from immigrants, down to investors, it is clear that there is no bias to how the megacity handles every resident, not with religion and not away from Christmas as well. 

Christmas is a celebration that embraces everyone away from culture, ethnicity, tribe, and also religion. 

Is there fun after Christmas in Dubai? 
If we need to get something clear, the reality is that Dubai is always a funs spot to visit, perhaps Christmas is a more beautiful time to visit going by the extra bright light, colours around, gift exchanges, and the likes. Nonetheless, there are several fun activities and leisure spots to visit to enjoy your stay in the city of Dubai. 

Does it snow in Dubai? 
I bet all the amazing pictures you had seen regarding Christmas always have snow or the snowman in it. Something like those ideal pictures you see often, Dubai can have Christmas trees, gifts, perhaps a reindeer, but if I need to burst your bubble, kindly note that there is no Snow in Dubai. I'm sorry! 

The awkward part is: even in the harshest winter months, Dubai seldom sees snowfall since temperatures never dip below single digits. However, in mid-January, there are slim chances that people in Ras Al Khaimah, a city near Dubai experience a tiny amount of snowfall annually. 

But then again, Ski Dubai has amazing answers to meet every of your Snow fantasy. The Ski Dubai is situated in Dubai. 

According to Wikipedia, Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort with a total size of 22,500 square meters. Throughout the year, the park maintains a temperature of -1 to 2 degrees Celsius. It is a section of the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is one of the world's largest retail malls. 
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