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Complete List of 5 Letter Words without Vowels

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What are some 5 letter words that do not contain vowels? As fascinating as it is, there are several English words that do not contain any vowel letters. The 5 letter words without vowels listed below can help you expand your vocabulary. Let's look at these interesting words and figure out what they mean.


5 Letter Words without Vowels


What Exactly Are 5 Letter Words?

5 letter words are short words that only contain five letters from the English alphabet, which are typically the vowel letters a, e, I o, and u. In the absence of vowel letters, semivowel consonants are used to create a sound that is phonetically similar to a vowel.

What Exactly Are Vowels?

Vowels are syllabic speech sounds produced by a relatively open vocal tract configuration. If you're stuck with consonant letter tiles and no vowels while playing scrabble or another word game, you can still form a word by using semivowels like W and Y. Here is a complete list of 5 letter words that do not contain any vowels.


List of 5 Letter Words without Vowels

- Crypt

- Crwth

- Cysts

- Dryly

- Flyby

- Glyph

- Gypsy

- Lymph

- Lynch

- Myrrh

- Nymph

- Psych

- Pygmy

- Shyly

- Slyly

- Sylph

- Tryst

- Wryly

- Byrls

- Chynd

- Cwtch

- Fyrds

- Ghyll

- Grrls

- Grrrl

- Grypt

- Gymps

- Gynny

- Gyppy

- Hwyls

- Hymns

- Hyphy

- Kydst

- Kynds

- Myths

- Mythy

- Phpht

- Rynds

- Skyfs

- Skyrs

- Stymy

- Synch

- Syncs

- Synds

- Synth

- Syphs

- Thymy

- Tryps

- Tymps

- Typps

- Wynds

- Wynns

- Xylyl

- Xysts

- Gwynn

- Shdsl

- Fhlmc

- Pdflp


5 Letter Words without Vowels with Meanings

Crypt: a stone chamber or underground room typically found beneath the floor of a church. It is commonly used as a chapel or burial place where coffins, sarcophagi, or religious relics are contained.

Crwth: it refers to an ancient Celtic musical instrument that is comparable to a violin

Cysts: a sac, vesicle, or bladder which contains a liquid secretion

Dryly: a joke or remark delivered with no evidence of emotion or merriment

Flyby: In spaceflight, it refers to the action or process of flying past a specific point. It is the term especially used when the spacecraft passes in proximity to the moon or other celestial body.

Glyph: it refers to a character, symbol, or figure which are carved or incised for the purposes of recording information

Gypsy: a member of the Indo-Aryan ethnic group dispersed across Europe as well as North and South America leading a nomadic lifestyle as a means of survival

Lymph: In the human body, it refers to a clear, colorless fluid that passes from the intercellular spaces of the tissue to the lymphatic system and into the bloodstream.

Lynch: to kill someone, especially by hanging, for an alleged offense typically without a legal trial, permission, or approval

Myrrh: a sap-like resin that is excreted from the bark of a tree, especially Commiphora abyssinica which is native in Arabia and eastern Africa

Nymph: In ancient Greek mythology and folklore, it refers to a minor deity imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting the rivers and woods.

Psych: to mentally prepare one’s mind for an occasion or test

Pygmy: In anthropology, it refers to an ethnic group known to have endemic short stature.

Shyly: in a reserved or timid manner

Slyly: in a cunning, manipulative, and deceitful manner

Sylph: a term first coined by Paracelsus, a Swiss-German physician, and alchemist who regarded alchemy as a spiritual science. Sylph is imagined as a tiny, feminine elemental spirit of the air with insect-like wings and pointed ears.

Tryst: it refers to a private meeting or rendezvous between lovers

Wryly: to put humor in a negative, bad, or difficult situation

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