Cost of Developing a Website for a Small Business in UAE

Cost of Developing a Website for a Small Business in UAE

In my school of thought, no matter how you claim to be an introvert or could have a certain temperament that makes one timid, and appear vulnerable to onlookers if you’re a business owner, you are bold. 

It is considered a laudable step to point out what you would like to do and then venture into it. For some, they could get easy funding from friends, relatives, and seed investors. Others may have to scratch the surface, save all they could muster to front small businesses in the UAE [United Arab Emirates]

Talking about the UAE in their usual bid to ensure that every citizen enjoys a good landing spot to float their business ideas, the UAE SME council has made a significant effort to ease the possible struggles of any business owner seeking to birth a dream.

In this post, I will be sharing some insight into the cost of developing a website for small businesses in the UAE. I will also share drop some energy on why you need a website even though you’re just starting as a business owner.


Why do you need a website as a small business owner?

As an eager business owner, you must have written out a business plan, considered your contingency plans, and conducted an extensive feasibility study on your market. Good one, I celebrate you! If you have not mapped out a website as one of your marketing and customer retention tools, then you may need to reconsider.

Unless you are providing the total cure to cancer or tackling a global threat that has enjoyed venture capital, you need to get your business in the digital space.

At the infant stage, more importantly, you will require people to gain trust in your service, and likewise, have a better understanding of your business and how they can benefit. Remember, every business sells a product/service to solve a challenge. Be seen as the solution to your audience.


Who can help develop a website for small businesses in UAE?

The Watchtower Dubai remains the number one spot for your web-related inquiry and lasting solution. They offer web design, web development, digital marketing services and SEO Services that every business owner in the UAE and abroad can simply tap into. 

With their team of dedicated and creative writers, designers, developers, and programmers, The Watchtower Dubai exceptionally delivers to exceed the expectation of every client. This act has been their secret to referrals and customer retention.


What is the cost of developing a website for small businesses in the UAE?

Every product has its uniqueness, likewise, every client’s request differs in the details from another. This uniqueness is what makes the cost of developing a website vary. 

However, if we should put the cost into a range, it is safe to say that the cost of developing a website for a small business in the UAE ranges from AED 2,000 to AED 300,000.

The deciding factor remains the details of the website, its functions, what type of website it is, and if it is intended to convert the audience upon every user experience [UX].

Also, please note that some developers or development companies would charge hourly instead of a fixed rate. It is left to the client to negotiate which best suits the project, and yourself.



Every business owner must own a website regardless of how small the business is and one of the key decisions to how you are projected is who helps design and develop your website. To avoid being defrauded and miscommunication, choose The Watchtower Dubai Company. 

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