Could Eating Sugar Before Going to Bed Bring Me Sweet Dreams?

Could Eating Sugar Before Going to Bed Bring Me Sweet Dreams?
Many people enjoy dessert after dinner. Something is satisfying about chasing down a savory meal with something sweet. I don’t know, but I bet it is a sweet feeling. Learned behaviors, such as enjoying a bowl of ice cream in the evening, can also fuel your desire to snack on sugar before bed.
This feat and many more have been observed as a habit for most people, to the point where one would begin to wonder if consuming sugar before bed time guarantees having sweet dreams.

In this post, we will both be looking at the possible effects of consuming sugar before going to bed.

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Is there a possible hazard to consuming sugar before bed?

Even while the broad risks of added sugars are widely recognized, you might be curious about the precise effects of eating sugar before bed, particularly on sleep.

We consulted trained dietitians and medical professionals to learn the truth. What can happen if you eat sugar before bed? Whether it's a bowl of sugary cereal, a cup of sweet tea, or a candy bar at night,

1. It affects your sleep.
There isn't much evidence to support the widespread belief that eating sugar before bed keeps you awake and causes hyperactivity.
However, processed sweets quickly elevate blood sugar levels, which can make it hard to fall asleep and give you a rush of energy, according to Peters.

According to Peters, a high sugar intake before bed may result in lighter, less restorative sleep with more arousals. "Arousals can occur when a person awakens or shifts from a deep to light sleep. The quality of sleep may be harmed by frequent awakenings, which may also be related to breathing problems. "

2. It can cause weight gain.
We are aware that too much sugar is stored in fat cells, and the Cleveland Clinic notes that eating a lot of food at once can result in fat cells enlarging.

We also know that your body might be able to utilize that sugar as energy while you're awake. But consuming too much sugar at night, when you're likely to engage in little to no physical exercise, can be harmful.

According to registered dietitian Dana Ellis Hunnes, Ph.D., RD, "When we eat sugar before bed, we don't effectively metabolize the sugar and it becomes inflammatory." We don't burn off that sugar while we sleep at night, so it's more likely to result in fat storage and weight gain.

You can metabolize the sugar more quickly if you eat sweet meals earlier in the day.

3. It can cause inflammation.
According to Harvard Health Publishing, eating a lot of sugar is strongly linked to chronic inflammation, which is linked to a number of diseases like heart disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes.

And the last thing you may want to do before going to sleep is cause an inflammatory response in your body. According to the Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness, inflammation is connected to sleep apnea, a disorder wherein inflamed airways prevent you from breathing while you're asleep.

According to neurologist and sleep specialist Brandon R. Peters, MD, FAASM, sugar "may promote inflammation of the tissues that line the mouth and throat, causing swelling and boosting mucus production." This may result in post-nasal drip, disrupt breathing, aggravate sleep apnea, and induce snoring. I am having trouble sleeping and snoring.

To draw this to a close, please note that consuming sugar before bed can have negative health effects if you do it frequently. While moderation is always a good idea, it might be preferable to stay away from sugar before bed and indulge in your sweets throughout the day when you're more active.

It is important to limit your intake of sugar as much as you can before bedtime because it may act as an inflammatory and disrupt your sleep. In order to allow for adequate digestion, I typically advised them to avoid sugar 2 to 3 hours prior to bedtime, "said Peters. That said, it's probably not a problem to have a sugary snack every now and then at night.

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