Could there be a Bird Flu outbreak in 2022?

Could there be a Bird Flu outbreak in 2022?
Are we done with outbreaks, or the Bird Flu is just another reason for worry for the New Year? 
The word outbreak before now has been a familiar term seen in sci-fi movies simply for entertainment, or little paths in the sand of time. One which still breeds fear if told in detail. However, the previous and just concluded year has seen this word appear even more than a piece of possible good news on healthcare tabloids. 

While Dubai, amongst other cities, are progressing with how they have managed the new strain of the COVID-19 Omicron virus which was discovered barely a month ago in the UAE [United Arab Emirates], the news of a possible Bird flu outbreak just when all energy is been harnessed into the COVID-19 spread could almost throw one out of balance. 

How did we come about the new Bird flu, where did it emanate, which demographic has it sighted, what is the current stance, is there a reason to panic, could there be another Bird flu outbreak in 2022? These will be carefully addressed in this short piece. 

Is there a bird flu outbreak? 
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Going by the news agency from Israel, it was seen barely two weeks ago that over 5,500 migrating cranes have suddenly died in the Northern part of Israel.  

It has been observed that over half a billion birds pass through the country every year from Europe down to Africa for a warm winter feel; what is called global avian travel. One which has fanned a sight for avian enthusiasts who come around to behold the unique creatures since Israel happens to be a stopover before the birds continue their journey. 

What could have appeared as a beautiful sight at the Hula nature reserve in Israel now becomes a gory tale, as this H5N1has been termed serious damage to wildlife in the history of the country, according to the Environmental Protection Minister, Tamar Zandberg. 

Where did the H5N1 Bird flu emanate? 
The epidemic was first noticed on December 19, when the Agriculture Ministry announced that H5N1 had been discovered in a rural village near Israel's northern border with Lebanon. The ministry claimed it had blocked off the region and ceased egg production to stop the spread of the disease. 

However, outbreaks were discovered a few days later at least three more farms in Israel's northern region, as the Agriculture Ministry conducted widespread testing. 

Is there a reason to panic with the H5N1 Bird flu? 
The fact is that if the virus infects individuals, it may be fatal. More than half of the verified 863 human cases monitored by the World Health Organization since 2003 were deadly, according to the organization.
On the other hand, Bird flu is difficult to transfer to people, according to Israeli zoologist Yossi Leshem, but the larger worry arises when these viruses change into new forms, as seen with the coronavirus. 

It has been seen over time that the majority of avian flu strains or variations, such as H5N1, are relatively difficult to spread to humans. 

What is the current stance with H5N1 Bird flu? 
What has been termed as a mass disaster for humans if there is an outbreak is currently receiving maximum control by Israel’s National Security Council to curb the Bird flu. 

While the government does their bid to ensure the spread is curtailed, Israelis have also been urged not to approach any sick-looking wild bird or touch any bird droppings. 

Could there be another Bird flu outbreak in 2022? 
At this time, no Israelis have been diagnosed with H5N1, but those who have been exposed to wild birds are being treated with the antiviral Tamiflu.

Because of the risks associated with fishing near marshes and wetlands, Israeli scientists are unsure of the full extent of the die-off in Israel. It was discovered that there is a lack of waterproof protective gear available in the dry terrain, making it more difficult to observe birds that avoid human contact and the pressing need to recover bird carcasses than usual.

According to Yotam Bashan of the Jerusalem Bird Observatory, although the outbreak is dominant in the Hula Valley, crane mortality has been reported in other locations from migrating birds. 

There seems to be no perfect plan on how long this will span, and which loose ends are yet spotted, it is advised that we all guard ourselves in the best capacity, especially those who rear birds or consume eggs, and other bird produce at this point. 
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