Desert Safari in Dubai - Everything You Need to Know

Desert Safari in Dubai - Everything You Need to Know

Rap music for me is a whole weight on its own and just like its acronym stands for Rhythm And Poetry, it is not possible to deliver some healthy bars and not include a punchline, like, are you kidding me?

Punchlines are metaphorical, and they are the climax of what the opera lovers could easily identify as crescendo; they are the points that make the audience get some shivers in a good way while having some goosebumps perhaps.

In similitude, imagine visiting the UAE [United Arab Emirates] and not experiencing one of the most sought-after experiences for an expedition - Desert Safari, for me, that should not be counted as a visit to the UAE [unless one comes for a medical appointment and business summit] just as I wouldn’t tag a rhythm as RAP without a punchline delivery.

Anyone who knows me so well knows, If I have my way, I would contact the best Dubai Travel Agency, I would travel around the world without borders. Flipping through documentaries and journals, the pictures of richly diverse cultures just make me smile and if you happen to be a tourism lover like myself, here is another experience to include to your bucket list or perhaps a consideration for that family vacation. 

In this article, I would be sharing with you more insights into the Desert Safari in Dubai and how to maximize the very best of the expedition.

What is Desert Safari?

Firstly, safari is a word that means an expedition for hunting or sight-seeing animals in their natural habitat; while a desert is said to be a large expanse of arid land with sparse vegetation due to the excessive sunlight and very few rainfalls experiences. It is therefore easy to say that a Desert Safari is a desert expedition that permits tourists to observe and enjoy the sight of vast arid land in its natural habitat as a form of leisure or vacation.

Dubai has been known for many things ranging from perfect locations for blockbuster movie shoots to world-class hotels by all merits and tourist attractions for the merry hearts. One of the centers of attraction in Dubai is the Desert Safari which permits travelers or better yet, merry hearts to enjoy the view and distance of passing through the desert either by walking or hiking. 

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What is unique about the Desert Safari in Dubai?

Well, just like metaphors, it hits differently; however, here are some features to help your thoughts, and perhaps you would find your answer here.

There are usually 3 options for those who seek to experience the Desert safari.

1.      Morning expedition:

This affords adventurers the opportunity to enjoy some minutes of fun usually before the sun comes bragging while quad biking, camel riding, sand skiing through the arid desert. Although these features may vary depending on the bouquet opted for.

2.      Evening expedition: 

This option is mostly considered to enjoy a little dose of the nightlife and the afternoon at the same time. Asides from the camel rides, quad bikes, and sandboarding, you get to witness the sunset, [an amazing view by the way] and also enjoy a fine blend of Arabian music and an electrifying belly-dancing while you could try your hands on the shisha and treaty meals.

3.      Overnight expedition:

For those who love the nightlife, you can enjoy the beautiful music, cuisines, belly-dancing sight, shisha, and perhaps try your fine skin to the cultural tattoo called Henna, enjoy a calm and cool night with your sleeping bags while observing how the wind and the desert does a rhythm. Oh! How could I have forgotten the beautiful sight of the sunrise...My My!

What you should consider for the Desert Safari.

1.      Get a sun hat or scarf and sunglasses to shield you from the heatwave.

2.      Wear some comfortable outfits.

3.      Get some sleeping bags and duvets if you plan on the overnight expedition.

4.      Ensure to drink water regularly for hydration.

5.      Perhaps some sunscreen and lip balm should be with you.

6.      Avoid sitting on the desert sand, it is hot, and avoid possible bites from unseen creatures.

7.      Please go with a good camera and a notepad [where necessary] to capture your moments.

The Desert safari is some fun to tick on your bucket list but it's best enjoyed in the company of friends or loved ones.

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Jan 11, 2024

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