Digital Printing Press in Dubai

Digital Printing Press in Dubai

One of the celebrated meals back in Nigeria is the Nigerian Jollof rice. It happens to be one of those meals people look forward to seeing at any event and failure to see it as an occasion, restaurant or gig just measures that the gathering is not that lit, well unless there is a theme to the occasion. While the Nigerian Jollof had been a high flyer of meals, and even though its ingredients and steps are listed out, only a very few could get that mark of a job well done. For a while it was considered that perhaps the smell from the firewood [outdoor cooking] was the secret to what makes it exceptional and even when the Ghanaians attempted displaying their culinary skills being at loggerheads with the Nigerian jollof rice, they were considered nutritious and had their fan base respectively.

In similitude, Digital printing, over the years has seen a mark of exception and has carved a niche for itself in the aisle of printing. While there is a flux of print houses out here in Dubai rendering a variance of print options from Offset Printing, Screen Printing, and Digital Printing, we may not be able to toss a mode of print away over the other.

In this article, we would beam the light on Digital Printing Press in Dubai, its merits and demerits among other things around printing. 

What is Digital Printing?

Simply said, Digital printing is a modern mode of printing that requires the creation of an image using computer-aided software using a computer. This finished graphic design is then transferred directly to the intended print material.

Printing a graphic work may require just the operation of the printers which are usually in Laser or Inkjet printers.

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Just as the name implies this type of printer’s mechanism implores the dropping of ink onto the material intended, therefore you are guaranteed of having a perfect match of your design. 


This type of printer relies on Laser technology and an electromagnetic canvas as its form of mechanism which makes the tracing of graphical materials possible. Although they are considered faster than the Ink Jet, for a good dose of colour resolution, the Inkjet printer is often considered.

This Digital printing has had a warm reception in Dubai, for large format printing, signages, flyer printing in Dubai, banners, and a host of others

What is Screen Printing?

This is a type of manual form of printing where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate like T-shirts, banners, fabrics, and billboards except in areas made impermeable to the ink.

Its process is such that the ideal ink is applied to a mesh screen, then the mesh is applied to the print medium [Shirt, Banner, etc.] and then each color is applied separately after each other. 

Is Digital Printing affordable?

Well, let's say it depends on the factors we consider. Digital printing is inexpensive compared to other forms of printing as Screen Printing if you consider the volume when it requires you to edit or tweak one or two things in the process.

Digital printing is not expensive and can be said to be affordable. 

What are the Advantages of Digital Printing?

Digital printing has a favourable preference over other modes of printing, examples of these are:

  • As said above while talking about how affordable it is, kindly note that when printing a modest number of papers, digital printing is cost-effective. 
  • Ability to personalize a wide range of printing choices.
  • In a case where your printer has mobile printing capabilities, you can print practically anywhere using digital printing.

To further buttress my point on Digital Printing, there is a whole aura of flexibility in this mode of printing, considering the edit/customize options to change already done object of art and the fact that it can be accessed remotely from any device or location provided there is an internet connection compared to other forms that require a physical/manual approach to their mode of printing.

While a display of both the Nigerian Jollof rice and Ghana Jollof on the table without a label from afar could be easily categorized as Jollof rice, a professional cook, in this context, a professional would always tell the difference between Digital Printing and other forms of printing.

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