Does Dubai have renewable energy 2021?

Does Dubai have renewable energy 2021?
The concern for renewable energy in Dubai is quite sensitive considering climate change and global warming as a topic of discussion across every sphere. While one of the major contributors to the release of carboniferous materials and depletion of the ozone layer is the consumption of electricity, many corporations and countries are beginning to seek alternative energy to ensure that power is generated with little or no emission release to curtail the staggering Greenhouse Effect. 

Today’s article centers on renewable energy, and questions like if Dubai has renewable energy, how UAE makes use of renewable energy and the choice of renewable energy in the UAE will be highlighted at the end of this read. 

 It has been observed that electricity is often generated by electromechanical generators, which are generally driven by heat engines powered by combustion or nuclear fission. 

While there are different modes to the generation of electricity, to save the planet and mankind, safety measures have been gradually imbibed, all thanks to technology and the air of innovation, renewable energy can now be a worthy consideration for the generation of energy. 

What is Renewable Energy? 
According to the first rule of thermodynamics, energy cannot be produced or destroyed, but it may be transformed from one form to another. This is also known as the Law of Energy Conservation.

Renewable energy is simply usable energy derived from renewable resources that are renewed naturally on a human timeframe, such as carbon-neutral sources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. This sort of energy source contrasts with fossil fuels, which are depleted considerably faster than they are supplied. Although the majority of renewable energy is sustainable, some are not, for example, certain biomass. 

Does Dubai have renewable energy 2021? 
Having provided clearer meaning to the place of renewable energy, it becomes easier to talk about energy and its effect on our climate. This has necessitated the plan for Dubai amongst many things to ensure that renewable energy is the way to go. 

Dubai is one of the resource locations that has centered its power generation on renewable energy, thus, 2021 would be yet another year of doing much more clean energy. 

How does UAE use renewable energy? 
If we could blow some trumpet, the UAE has been known to have shown great interest in renewable energy for the Emirates at large, and currently, it poses as a potential market for renewable energy goods and services. 

The UAE published a national “Energy Strategy 2050” in January 2017, according to records, this feat is an uncommon but remarkable vision by an entire government. 

The UAE budgeted more than $163 billion to achieve its objective of increasing the contribution of clean energy sources to 50% of the total capacity mix (44% renewable and 6% nuclear) by 2050. 

The UAE has enormous solar generating potential, and its energy strategy has altered significantly as a result of the falling cost of solar. 

What is renewable energy in the UAE? 
The UAE's Vision 2021 strategic objective to generate 27%of its energy needs from clean sources, including nuclear power, has been recognized with the percentage distribution shown below. 
1. 44% of energy comes from renewable sources. 
2. Gasoline: 38% 
3. Clean coal accounts for 12% of total coal production. 
4. Nuclear power: 6% 
Although there are several forms of renewable energy all around us, the most notable would be wind, hydro, and solar energy. 

While the UAE lacks rivers for hydropower generation due to its terrain, it has worked diligently to establish wind, solar, and nuclear power as alternative energy sources in the country. 

How much of Dubai energy is renewable?  
Dubai had been in a continuous intentional approach to renewable energy generation. Although they have majored in Solar, it is no surprise they have enjoyed growth in this projection. To increase its renewable energy capacity, Dubai has drawn up more muscles as it intends to build 600 megawatts of clean energy capacity through new solar systems in 2021. 

In addition, according to Dubai Media Office, the emirate will commission the first stage of the 300MW fifth phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in July, citing a statement from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.

Furthermore, in September, the company will commission the world's highest concentrated solar power tower at 262.44 meters with a capacity of 100MW and 200MW from the parabolic trough as part of the solar park's fourth phase by the end of 2021.

Dewa's overall clean energy capacity will rise from 1,013MW to 1,613MW with the installation of additional facilities. Clean energy capacity in Dubai's energy mix was at 10% in July and was expected to increase to 12% by the end of the year. 

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