Does Dubai have social welfare?

Does Dubai have social welfare?
The term social welfare is a system created by the government of a region/country for Individuals and families to receive support programs such as health care, food stamps, unemployment compensation, housing assistance, child care support, and some other essentials, depending on the country/region. 

While Dubai has been known for its rich culture as an oil-producing region and is globally celebrated as a haven for tourism, there is a need to confirm its stance on Social Welfare. 

This article will provide you information on social welfare as a citizen of Dubai, the countries with the best benefits, In-depth information on what the UAE allocates for welfare; these and some extras will be highlighted today. 

Does Dubai have Social Welfare? 
The UAE [United Arab Emirates] as a region has social welfare for all citizens, special needs children, orphans, those with poor income, and other uniqueness are fully covered by the UAE's social welfare program and help.   

The UAE's social welfare system is overseen by the Ministry of Community Development, which also makes appropriate and targeted appropriations to the country's women's organizations to guarantee that all those in need, particularly women in rural regions, have access to both an economic safety net and support. 

How much does the government of UAE spend on social welfare? 
Well, in recent news, the government of the UAE through the Ministry of Finance had pledged that over 43 percent of the UAE's Dh58.11 billion federal budget for 2021 would be allocated to social development and social welfare. This speaks volumes to how sensitive and close to heart UAE takes its citizens. 

It will interest you to know that the AED58.11 billion budget for 2021 focuses on the well-being and prosperity of UAE people, as well as the development of infrastructure that encourages investment, enhancing the UAE's competitiveness in different areas, and investing in innovation.
What are the benefits of being a UAE citizen? 
Perhaps, considering my country being regarded as a Third world country, the understanding of the benefits of being a citizen of the UAE is amazing. Below is a list of perks attached to being identified as a citizen of the UAE. 
1. There is a concession for your utilities like water, and light bills by the government. 
2. The government of the UAE provides celebrates newlyweds by providing a parcel of land to build a home for ease. 
3. There are several countries you can visit with a Visa on arrival process. 
4. Business owners get sponsorship and incentives for their creatives. This helps in creating business development growth, and an overall boost in the GDP of the economy. 
5. The choice of free education for the growing mind is open to all. 
6. You have easy access to grants if you choose to study abroad. 
7. You get to enjoy easy access to high-paying government jobs. 
What are the advantages of being a Dubai citizen?
Although, the benefits of being a citizen of the UAE outrightly cover Dubai, here are some excitements that come with being a citizen of Dubai. 
1. There is no income tax tied to your name. 
2. You enjoy access to quality education. 
3. You get to enjoy easy access to facilities to fund your business and creative mind. 
4. Newly married couples are given farmlands to support themselves, while a parcel of land is also available to the citizens. 
5. There are governing laws that protect citizens from ex-pats. 
6. You get to enjoy the benefits of a healthcare system. 

How do I ask for financial help in Dubai? 
For a region that holds high welfare, and cares for its citizens, there are procedures set in place to cater for the land. Where there are situations where a sudden need for help arises, Dubai has made provisions to hamper possible grey areas.  

For financial support or need to help someone, you can contact the government entities responsible for humanitarian work. The below information could guide you. 
You may reach them at 800623 or send an email to 

You may call 8008222 or send an email to 
Contact them at 800 2252, send an email to, or visit their website at 

Phone: 800 600 Email: Website:

Which countries have the best benefits? 
From the pool of countries, France remains the country most dedicated to social benefits, with its government spending over a third of French GDP on social services as of 2019.

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