Does Dubai have what it takes to be the next fashion capital of the world?

Does Dubai have what it takes to be the next fashion capital of the world?
No doubt, the city of Dubai has been identified on the map for many other things than what its other Emirates are likened to. 

The journey of Dubai had been intentional about carving a niche for itself other than what the UAE [United Arab Emirates] was better known for, The Black gold. This vision had stirred up the need for diversification and has enjoyed the birth of a variety of investments. 

That Dubai, a megacity in the Middle East is considered fit to be at par with fashion domains as Milan, New York, London, Tokyo, and the likes further attest that perhaps Dubai is way bigger than we had imagined. 

Today’s article will identify the strength of Dubai as a fashion hub or otherwise; it will also make clear what the residents/tourists in Megacity think of Dubai as with fashion. 

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What is a fashion capital? 
A fashion capital is usually a city with significant influence on international fashion trends, where design, manufacture, and the retail of fashionable items, showcase of fashion events, and perks, significantly add up to the economic output of the economy. 

A fashion capital does more than just the sale of fashionable gears, but owning a vantage point in design, production, sales, and exhibition globally. They are regarded as a monument, and as unwritten laws, they have been set as a benchmark for anything fashion as an industry. 

What about the fashion capital of the world? 
The mark for being the fashion capital of the world glories beyond a Merel or plaque to celebrate an icon as seen at the Grammy Awards. It is a hurdle that has before now been widely celebrated as a defining moment. 

Milan has been known as the Fashion Capital of the World since the 16th century. While it appears that this title has been taken in turns, the term fashion capital refers to cities that host Fashion Week with a significant ripple effect. Milan, London, Rome, and New York are some good examples of cities that constantly showcase their industries and infuse culture into the art of fashion designing and styling. 

What is the fashion capital of the world in 2021? 
According to analytics by IFDAQ's Global Fashion & Luxury Cities index, New York led the fashion and luxury city, amongst peers worldwide in the first quarter of 2021. What is a fact without numbers right? Well, New York led the troops with an outstanding index value of 129.42.  

Paris and Milan followed New York in the list, with index values of 127.87 and 100.91, respectively. 

Just as the heavyweight champion, New York is recognized as the official fashion capital of the United States of America, bringing together the world's best designers to showcase the very best of mind-blowing fashion at its finest. 

What are the metrics to being the next fashion capital of the world? 
Just as expected of any country or city thriving, there is always a need to do more than before. For countries or cities that have been pulling weight in the fashion industry globally, there is a quest to confirm the modalities of being the fashion capital of the world, whereby setting their city/country on the map respectively. 

Below are some metrics to being the next fashion capital of the world. 
1. The city/country must churn out amazing fashion designs. 
2. There must be a track record of consistency in your delivery. 
3. Create the necessary buzz around your fashion fair. 
4. Seek partnerships/affiliations where necessary. 
5. Leverage on brands, if you don’t have a visible name already. 
6. Take feedbacks from your previous fashion fairs. 
7. Deploy the use of state-of-the-art technology, from media, content creation, and the likes. 
8. Ensure to get professional models. 
9. Ensure to get an amazing set of photography. 
10. Get involved in the fashion industry globally. 

Does Dubai have what it takes to be the next fashion capital of the world? 
While Dubai can do anything in business and make it blossom, the place of Dubai being the next fashion capital may be a hurdle. 

Don’t get me wrong, Dubai has been a hub for luxury brands and accessories, which is one of the spectacles of tourists, however, being a fashion capital requires beyond conventional denim and some good old Cartier neckpiece. 

There is a need for exceptional fashion designs and runway displays which the culture of Dubai may not permit, hence my reservation on if they could hit the mark. 

Dubai houses several popular luxury brands and has also been opened to accept investors bringing in ideas that have dowsed some cultural ethics; however, the fashion runway is a different ball game and maybe chaos. But then again, the future is unwritten! Right? 
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