Does Google Analytics affect SEO?

Does Google Analytics affect SEO?
You can tell your brand is doing better than your sales strategy had foreseen when your brand name is defined/called in place of a product type or service. 

Back in Lagos, Nigeria, where I currently reside, for instance, certain consumables have been termed going by a leading brand of the consumable other than the product type. Take for instance Indomie is a brand of Noodles by Indo Foods, however, upon purchase of this product type, and not necessarily going for Noodles, rival brands are called Indomie instead of Noodles. 

The moral of this, you may ask? Well, I believe Google has done so well for itself in the tech sector and has garnered a great following over the years that its name can be likened as the product type instead of the product brand. A good example here is how Google Analytics has been considered so much that it is likened as the product type, instead of being a product brand. 

In today’s piece, I shall review thoughts on if Google Analytics affects SEO [Search Engine Optimization], likewise if SEO is the same as Google Analytics, amongst other information SEO and Google related. 

What is Google Analytics? 
I feel the need to explain this again, just so we have a better understanding of today’s article. According to Wikipedia, Google Analytics [product] is a web analytics tool provided by Google [brand] that records and reports website traffic, which is also available as a platform within the Google Marketing Platform. 

For a clearer understanding, Google Analytics are just insights in understanding the patterns of a website seamlessly. 

What is SEO? 
You probably have read me say this before, however, let's take it again. Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy that helps in optimizing a domain such that it possesses authority and increases ranking on Search Engine Related Pages [SERP] through the use of Keyword intrusion, Long-tail words, and the likes. 

Is SEO the same as Google Analytics? 
Google Analytics, as you surely know, is a free digital analytics tool that is used by more than half of all websites on the internet, according to some estimates. It's also the sole SEO analytics tool most SMBs require to assess the ROI of SEO. 

This simply identifies what we earlier discussed in the earlier paragraphs; Google Analytics just happens to be a widely accepted brand and not a type, which means it can be separated from SEO, as they are independent of themselves. 

Do I need Google Analytics for SEO? 
Google Analytics is a viable tool required by anyone in Digital marketing. If you own a website/domain address, and you seek to thrive and gain visibility amongst other perks, Google Analytics would help you chart a path. 

Google Analytics considers patterns, and all behavioural analyses of a domain, giving you a lead on how best to optimize your domain/website. So, yes, you need Google Analytics, however, you could make use of other analytical tools other than Google Analytics. 

What is the difference between SEO and Google ads? 
SEO aims to raise your site's organic ranks so that it appears when people search for terms related to your content. Ads allow you to target certain keyword phrases and then design an ad that promotes your site and content to people who are searching for those phrases. 

Does Google Analytics affect SEO? 
Google Analytics affects SEO generally, yes! However, just like I keep stressing since the beginning of this article, Google Analytics is merely a brand, hence SEO can leverage other brands’ services. 

The fact is that disabling Google Analytics does not affect your search engine ranking. For example, instead of using Google Analytics, you may utilize Fathom, which has no detrimental impact on your SEO. If there's one thing you should know today, it's that Google doesn't punish or penalize websites that don't use Google Analytics. 
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