Does Samsung pay work in Dubai?

Does Samsung pay work in Dubai?

For all our Muslim Faithfuls who observed the just concluded fast in the Holy month of Ramadan, we say Ramadan Kareem! It sure must be a beautiful time to be alive in Dubai, knowing that our prayers would be answered and although there are still some restrictions to the way of life due to the pandemic and its security measures, however, we foresee that there would be much more engagements than before while still complying with all COVID-19 protocols.

Technological advancements and more importantly, its wide acceptance had been on the high since the pandemic and much more noticeable during the fast. People tended to have recognized and utilized technology from online business owners and those at the receiving end placing their orders with little or no discomfort.

One of the many amazing things technology has handed us after the invention of sliced bread certainly is the Samsung Pay. Oh yes! The Samsung Pay literally would be said as the Samsung way of initiating payment. Let me shed more light on this.

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is simply the easy and secure way to make payment with the use of your Samsung smartphone. In other words, your mobile phone device automatically becomes a digital wallet that permits you to complete transactions on terminals as POS points with just the tap of your mobile phone device. For many of us who never planned on going out and ended up not going along with our wallet to initiate a purchase, well, if you managed to go with your mobile device, the good news is: you still can!

The Samsung pay leverages modern technology like the NFC [Near Field Communication] where one could initiate a contactless payment with ease, likewise, can you use biometric security as a second-level authentication. The moral is that no one can therefore access your financial data. Samsung Pay came into existence shortly after its rival brand launched a similar service after which came the Android Pay that has no selection compared to the Samsung Pay that is limited to some versions and phone series.

Why Samsung Pay?

So, while other rival platforms have one major thing in common, which is the NFC technology as their mode of transmission; Samsung phone users could take their supported smartphone or Smartwatch to complete payments on POS terminals that use the older Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology. If you're familiar with cards, you would attest that this is the same technology used on credit and debit cards, with their magnetic stripe at the back of the card

What Samsung did uniquely was to further insert a magnetic coil inside its newer edition of smartphones, such that the field generated by the coil, combined with the Samsung Pay app on the mobile device is used to transmit payment signals to normal credit and debit card terminals with the MST technology. This is the cutting-edge Samsung has compared to its rivals.

Does Samsung Pay work in Dubai?

Oh yes! Absolutely!

The Samsung Pay works at almost any store in Dubai, making payments safer, more convenient & secure.

With this information provided, all you have to do now is ensure you have your mobile phone device with you; I mean, it's understandable if you left your purse or wallet at home, but not your Smartphone.

Things to consider using Samsung Pay


Ensure your mobile phone is well charged as you would be unable to complete payments once you’re out of battery.


You need to confirm if your Smartphone or watch is enabled for this unique service. If your phone series is not compatible, or you’re using a non-Samsung phone/watch, you could upgrade the Android version to at least 6.0 to enable you to enjoy this feature.


The Samsung Pay feature is provided to Samsung users, hence there is a need to create an account where your information is gathered.


Kindly note that there is a limit to transactions that could be initiated with Samsung Pay and this is controlled by the Bank’s card you had linked up with the service while creating your account.

With the Samsung pay technology, you are now permitted to forget your purse or wallet at home. 

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