Elevate Fleet Safety: The Power of Commercial Dash Cams

Elevate Fleet Safety: The Power of Commercial Dash Cams
Even with technological advancement and enhanced fleet safety, it's a sad reality that accidents continue to occur every day, especially if you are operating a large caravan of vehicles. You will always have a case-perhaps one of your vehicles was hit or crashed on the road. 

By implementing fleet safety programs and policies, you can reduce accidents involving your vehicles and enable your fleet to operate at full capacity.

Fleet safety is an essential aspect of the fast-growing fleet management trend common to all commercial fleet companies. Today, nearly all fleet managers have a well-stipulated fleet safety policy that safeguards drivers, vehicles, and cargo. Particularly, to increase the overall efficiency and safety of the fleet, many fleet commercial companies have installed dash cams on the cars.

Commercial dash cams are increasingly becoming a popular gadget for every fleet company. Despite their small size, they have an incredible impact on the safety management of the fleet. The primary reason for installing dash cams for personal and business use is to record video evidence in the event of an accident. 

While it may be costly to install dash cams in every vehicle, the returns are worth considering the benefits that come along. This article will explore the magical power of commercial dash cams and why you should have dash cams on your vehicles. 


What are Commercial Dash Cams?

Commercial Dash cams are popularly known as dashboard cameras. Though small, they are high-quality gadgets that record the road ahead, behind, and inside the vehicle, allowing you to document the driving experience and journey. This gives you a clear HD video to upload on the SSD card or onto the cloud. Today, fleet managers are widely using these commercial dash cams to enhance vehicle safety and real-time monitoring.
Nowadays, commercial dash cams have inbuilt RAM tracking technology that helps fleet managers improve their drivers' safety. With telematics tracking technology, dash cams ensure that you have improved visibility over your vehicles and get timely alerts to any issue that arises while the fleet is on the road.


Advantages of Commercial Dash Cams 

In an increasingly interconnected and fast-paced world, installing dash cams in your vehicles would be an excellent option for elevating your fleet safety. Many remarkable benefits come with having dash cameras. Below are some of the advantages that dash cams offer to fleet managers.

1. Accident Footage

Determining the cause of an accident and the party behind the fault can be challenging and time-consuming since you rely on the witness. Even when you are a licensed professional, it can difficult to assess the occurrence of an accident. Witnesses may give wrong information leading to inefficient judgment. 

Installing dash cams in vehicles allow your driver to be responsible for the occurrence of the accident. The video footage plays a vital role in proving liability in the accident. By reviewing the images and video, you can get closure on the cause of the accident. Therefore, dashcams help commercial fleet managers to determine whether or not their driver contributed to the accident while protecting them from false accusations.


2. Evidence to Insurance Claims

Settling insurance claims can be draining and consume a lot of time, especially when the involved parties are not honest. They can give false or fabricated descriptions and explanations to avoid penalties or being held accountable. Similarly, false evidence is likely to undermine and impair the fair judgment of the affected party. 

However, with advanced dash cams, you can clear accident insurance claims effectively. Insurance firms can review the videos and establish fair judgment while eliminating disagreements.

3. Improved Driving Behaviors

Like telematics technology, dashcams provide fleet managers with valuable information on driver habits and overall performance. By analyzing recorded footage and feedback, fleet managers can identify areas where drivers need correction or training. Reviewing the camera footage can address issues such as overspeeding, harsh braking, unnecessary stops, mobile usage, and lack of route planning.

Additionally, the availability of data-driven insights enables fleet managers to conduct training for their drivers to address unsafe driving behaviors and equip them with knowledge of effective route planning. 

4. Protect Against Crash-For-Cash Scams

In recent years, there have been rampant crash-for-cash scams ranging from paper-based fabrication to physical collisions in many parts of the world. Many drivers were staging accidents to get compensation for fraudulent insurance claims. This affected not only the insurance firms but also the overall performance and productivity of the fleet companies.

Most frauds target commercial vehicles since they have comprehensive insurance coverage. Therefore, one of the main reasons for mounting dash cams on the car is to prevent such fraudulent cases. A forward-facing camera on the front can help fleet managers eliminate this problem. You will be able to check for a need to slam brakes without detailed explanations.


5. Reduced Insurance Claims

Some accidents, such as crash-for-cash, will likely increase insurance premiums for innocent drivers since insurance firms must recover the compensation amount. This translates to high premiums for those seeking to insure their vehicles. 

To mitigate this problem, insurance companies encourage drivers and fleet managers to install dash cams in their vehicle systems. That way, insurance professionals can access accident claims faster and serve their clients efficiently and on time. 

Lastly, the saving benefit is passed to fleet managers through the discounts given by some insurance companies upon installing dash cams on your commercial fleet. Therefore, the cost saving of the insurance expense renders commercial dash cams an excellent investment for financial and safety efficiency.

6. Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Apart from the safety benefits, commercial dash cams enhance the overall efficiency of fleet management. The dashcams have an inbuilt GPS tracking system that allows real-time vehicle monitoring, enabling fleet managers to optimize routes to save fuel consumption and idling time. 
Since the dashcams are incorporated with the fleet management system, administrative tasks such as compliance, reporting, maintenance alerts, and driver schedules are streamlined. By automating administrative tasks, fleet managers can focus on core operations.



With many businesses trying to mitigate ever-occurring accidents on the road, technological advancement in telematics and fleet management systems has opened new avenues for elevating fleet safety. 

In a time when fleet safety is crucial to companies, commercial dash cams equipped with GPS tracking software play a critical role in enhancing the safety of the commercial vehicle by encouraging safe driving habits. Besides aiding in insurance-related cases, the feedback and real-time information provided help the fleet managers streamline operations. 

Since dash cams have proved to be a game-changer in enhancing the fleet's safety, harnessing the power of dash will help you increase the productivity of your fleet and maintain optimum performance. If you are in the fleet business, a commercial dash cam is a must-have equipment to elevate your fleet safety.Elevate Fleet Safety: The Power of Commercial Dash Cams
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