Estimated earnings of Amazon affiliates in 2021

Estimated earnings of Amazon affiliates in 2021

One of the superpowers any earthling would seek to have is the control of time. Such that you can pause or slow a moment just to relish or when the odds are against you tend to skip/fast-forward or go back to the past to relive a vital part of your actions that has had a ripple effect. Like, Wow! That would be so cool!

Well, since this service isn't sold on the store shelves neither is there an app to download from the Google Play store, [I think] the closest superpower one could have then would be the control of your own time, more like your working time.

Being your boss is an exciting experience, it comes with a title and the good feeling you don’t directly work for anyone; while this is exciting, a greater feeling comes with you now being an online entrepreneur, whereby you earn your money by remotely rendering service or the sale of commodities.

One of the wonderful online platforms to earn a living is definitely via being an Amazon affiliate. This service only requires you to have an active website platform and also have a great audience who finds you as a brand, credible.

In this article, I shall be sharing with you estimated earnings if you choose to be an Amazon affiliate in 2021; please follow the article through to the end.

Factors that would influence your earnings

While I know you are so eager to have me let the cat out of the bag already, however, there is a need to consider certain deciding factors that will influence your earnings. Kindly see them below.

  1. Find out the commission rate.
  2. Estimate how many persons can be genuine purchasers. 
  3. Have an idea of the volume of visitors that your website may expect.
  4. The number of people who will click on the affiliate links.
  5. Have an idea of the average price they may pay.

How soon can I start earning?

Hitting this mark might take a while, therefore it would be advised that you probably should not quit your job yet. it usually takes between 6 months to several years to start making profits with affiliate marketing after a careful and holistic view. Over time, being consistent in the promotion of affiliate products, SEO tools, quality content, and having the right marketing strategy will bring you your desired income.

Estimated earnings for an Amazon affiliate in 2021

Well, the truth is you can earn from $100 to about $25,000 from an Amazon affiliate website. However, terms and conditions apply. [Giggles]

How about we run some numbers; let's assume your main keyword has 20k monthly searches with an estimated long-tail search of 10k and you have got an average of 2 in the SERP [Search Engine Results in Pages] position. From the total of 30k visitors, you should have 3,750 visitors giving CTR [Click Through Rate] at 13% to earn a position on top. Not bad huh?

Ok, let's say you’re pulling more weight, and you have 40% of visitors following your links, which ripples to 1,500 traffic that will visit Amazon through your website. Fair enough, you have 5% of the total visitors convert, this means you should get 75 actual buyers.

Now, remember the cost of the niche is a deciding factor; let's say they purchased items with an average price of $75. This implies your monthly income would be at $365.63 from just a specific keyword.

It is tantamount to ensure that your keyword gets enough searches and this can only be fueled by your strategies with SEO techniques, top-notch content writing, and the niche you had chosen to play in. The latter part requires a depth of preference so you can exhibit the prowess in your content creation and also the credibility that your audience has subconsciously ticked for you.

So, there you go; you can control your time as intended and earn your cool bucks, however, every time spent has to be productively invested to have you a rewarding output correspondingly.

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