Everything you need to know about Driving Series 2

Everything you need to know about Driving Series 2
In addition to being prepared for driving lessons and the complexities of the road, new drivers should be prepared to make mistakes. They are unavoidable and expected, so don't be too hard on yourself if something less than ideal occurs. 

Everything you need to know about Driving (Continuation)

4. Always Adjust Your Mirrors Correctly.
It is important to ensure that your mirrors are correctly adjusted always to prevent a blind spot from developing. A blind spot refers to a part of the road that you can’t see which may cause you not to be able to see a car traveling in an adjacent traffic lane.

To remove blind spots, adjust your side-view mirrors until you can’t see your car in them. Similarly, you must learn to adjust your rear-view mirror correctly too. The rear-view mirror should be adjusted in such a way that it allows you to see the rear window of your car entirely. Remember that the adjustments of both side-view mirrors and the rear-view mirror should be done when sitting in your normal driving position.

5. Learn How to Feel Where the Tyres Are
One of the most helpful skills to have when driving is the ability to feel or know where the wheels are as a learner or even as an experienced driver. The ability to tell where your wheels are helps you prevent driving directly into potholes or scratching your hubs or fenders when reversing or parking.

You can practice mastering this ability by taking an empty plastic bottle, step on it and then place it on the road and try to run over it first with the right front wheel and then the left front wheel. When you can do this correctly in all the types you attempt it; you can then be sure that you know where your wheels are at all times.

6. Dry Out Your Brakes After Driving Through a Puddle of Water
Water on brakes can result in aquaplaning. This is when a car brake loses traction as a result of wetness which can lead to loss of control of the vehicle. To avoid this, after driving through a puddle of water; do not immediately cut your engine in case you are already at your destination, instead, keep the speed limit you were driving on and dry the brakes by pressing the accelerator and then pressing the brake pedal a few times. This moving and stopping motion will eventually generate friction which will cause the water on the brake pads to evaporate.

7. Keep a Keen Eye Out for the Maneuvering of Cars in Front of You, Especially the Taller Vehicles

As a driver, you have to be very road observant, not only for the cars immediately in front of you; but also for the maneuver of the taller vehicles farther ahead of you – trucks and buses – as they tend to see the road situation more clearly ahead. So, if you notice that they are suddenly changing lanes, you may want to do the same as that may be an indication that there might be some sort of roadblock ahead caused by a vehicle breakdown, accident, or some other blockage.

It is also important to do so because of pedestrians, sudden braking by the vehicle in front of you, or passengers who may open car doors without giving proper attention to oncoming traffic.

8. Lower Your Rear-view mirror in the Night.
Unfortunately, most people who drive don’t realize that there are two modes for the standard rearview mirror: day mode and night mode. The standard rearview mirror has a lever that allows you to pull down the mirror at an angle to avoid light beams from cars behind you blinding you.
Use Your Car Air Conditioner Regularly.

Of course, you want to drive in the comfort of a cool car; especially in balmy weather. But what about during the winter season when it doesn’t make sense to still use you’re A/c? You still need to turn your air conditioner on for short periods to prevent the coolant from seeping out, and consequently leading to dry tubes.

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