Everything you need to know about Driving Series 3

Everything you need to know about Driving Series 3
Prepare for other road users who may not be patient or understanding of new drivers, and give yourself enough time to develop skills from simple to complex.

Everything you need to know about Driving (Conclusion)

10. Use Your Hand Brake All the Time
It is always expected that you use your car’s hand brake mechanism when parking on a slope; but even when not parking on such terrain, you should still use your handbrake just to keep it alive. But you shouldn’t use it during winter to avoid your brake pads freezing over.

11. Slow Down When the Driver on the Other Lane Slows Down
It is commonsense to slow down when the driver on the other lane is slowing down. This may be because he wants to let a pedestrian pass, especially in areas where there are no pedestrian markings or signs; or perhaps to let an animal cross the street. If you keep up your speed, you might just run someone or something over.

12. Learn to Park Your Car Properly
The ability to park a car properly is a skill you should learn quickly. In some countries, it is a fineable offense not to park your car at the right angle, distance, or direction is regulated by traffic laws. Besides, parking properly not only ensures that your car isn’t damaged by other cars in traffic; it also may guarantee the safety of other road users.

Sure, more and more cars are being fitted with self-parking technology these days; still, you have to make sure that you can park your car properly.

If you are doing perpendicular parking, stop once you see the curb under the side mirror. The distance between the car and the curb will be minimized, and the bumper will not be scratched.

When parallel parking, be careful not to scratch the hubcaps. You can stick a piece of colored duct tape to the bottom of the windshield to help guide your parking accurately. Stop once the mark matches the curb line. It's better to parallel park in reverse: this way, the curb is visible in the side-view mirrors, so you won't be too close to it.

13. Don’t Turn Your Wheels Out Before Making a Turn or When Parking
The reason for this should be obvious; it is dangerous to turn your wheels in advance before making a turn. Your wheels should remain in their initial position. This will help prevent you from running into cars coming from the opposite lane in case your car is rammed by a car from behind. Similarly, when in a parking position, the wheels should be kept straight to prevent them from being hit by traffic that may drive too close or impeding pedestrian movements.
14. Know Your Road Signs
 There is no way you are going to be a good driver if you are not very familiar with the road signs in use in your country or locality. Road signs are there to guide us through safe driving for us and other road users, including pedestrians.
While some road signs give the advantage of road use to you; others give similar advantages to the other road users. Hence, it is very important that we not only know what the road signs are but ensure that we follow them strictly; after all, safety first, right?
15. Don’t Forget to Use Your Seat Belt
It is not just the law; it makes it commonsense to always use something capable of saving your life in the event of an accident. So, ensure that your seatbelt is not only functional but that you also use it. After all, it is safety first, right?
Remember, even the most experienced drivers do not know everything that can make driving easier. There may be unforeseeable circumstances that demand that apply the knowledge of driving as may not have been taught to you in a driving school. So, it is not too much to ask of yourself to deliberately learn as many new things about driving that could help you come out successfully out of some sticky situations that are more than just changing flat tyres or negotiating a turn in busy traffic.

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