Everything you need to know about JavaScript

Everything you need to know about JavaScript
There always comes a time when a baby gets to meet Grandma; this is almost the same phenomenon to a developer and JavaScript, your path has to cross at some point. 

What exactly is JavaScript? 

JavaScript is a text-based programming language that has client-side and server-side applications, allowing web pages to become interactive. Giving honor to HTML and CSS languages that bring structure and style to our web pages, JavaScript simply breathes life to the web pages, making them interactive elements that engage users. This simply means that for a web page to refresh without a manual approach from the user, there is a need for JavaScript. 

A study on JavaScript was recently conducted by Stack Overflow, and it was observed that it happens to be the best widely-used programming language in the world, with an astounding 69.7 percent of the 90,000 developers questioned claiming it as the most-used ability in their programming arsenal. I agree that it's a must-have talent for all developers. 

While the scoop is pretty much, I will be sure to give you first-hand information on things you ought to know about JavaScript. In this article, I'll go over the specifics of what makes the interface come to life and interact with you. 

The story of JavaScript would be incomplete without the assistance of two other language codes, HTML and CSS.
HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and it is the code that determines how a website is structured or laid out.
CSS: Cascading Style Sheets simply handles how the page looks in terms of color, fonts, and aesthetics. 

Uses of JavaScript 

Though there are several hurdles in building a browser-based game using subject, however, JavaScript is still the considered programming language in most cases.  

This finds application in the creation and editing of images, colors, and graphics. Since this is the end that permits user experience and interaction with the computer. 

This also refers to the programming that runs behind the scenes to make a website operate on a web server. It can also handle the payments process, save user’s timely posts, and perform other necessary background tasks required for a website to function. 

Mobile apps before now were created using operating system-specific languages. Swift, for example, is utilized for iOS mobile development, while Java is used for Android mobile development. However, numerous technologies have been created in recent years that allow you to construct mobile applications with the use of JavaScript. 

How does JavaScript Work? 
JavaScript, which is also known as Client-side language can be embedded in a web page or contained in an a.js file. which means it is downloaded to site users' computers and then processed timely. 

Why JavaScript is essential in modern time

There is hardly any website or page seen on the internet that does not implore a real-time interaction to one of their services. It could range from a chatbot on the website, payment options, update in news to mention a few. Examples of platforms that deploy the use are UBER, NETFLIX, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK. One thing these applications have in common is the fact that they are dynamic and as such require a high rate of refreshing their content. 

How to learn JavaScript

Learning again is fun. While nothing beats better than the pang to seek knowledge, the direction to get more acquainted with JavaScript would require you to gather materials online and also commence online courses. Some are free, while others are not. You can start with “Introduction to JavaScript” on FreeCodeCamp to help you with your steps and then you can further consider platforms like Khan Academy and Udemy, as they offer fundamental classes to help your stance.  

Perhaps you require a physical interaction to help out compared to a virtual class or study, the Boot Camps would be a lifesaver then. This could take a period from weeks to months and has been considered very productive so far. There are a good number of Coding Boot Camps out there depending on the subject of consideration.  

There is a great feeling that comes with having a piece of information or skill, but what gets exciting is the onward pace for growth. Yes, you have studied and perhaps certified, however, there is a need to create or participate in projects that require your skill. This helps affirm your confidence since you have real-time experience asides from bare theory and helps in growth since you would uncover newer ways of performing tasks. It also helps in referrals since you have a portfolio. 

JavaScript is an interesting topic for every developer, as there is always a need to include this knowledge in projects. 

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