Everything you need to know about Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Series 1

Everything you need to know about Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Series 1

Pandemics have been a part of human history for as long as anybody can remember, and Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals has been at the forefront of aggressively fighting them for more than 135 years. The company has consistently mobilized it's over 130'000 global workforce and scientific expertise acquired over the years, as well as extensive and strategic partnerships, to address the critical health needs of families, communities, and healthcare personnel around the world driven by a commitment to stable global health for families around the world.

This commitment is what they have brought into the fight against the latest pandemic to threaten the existence of human lives – the Covid-19 pandemic. Like always, the J&J has responded with a solution in the form of their Janssen Ad26.CoV2.Single-dose vaccine.

So, here's a quick rundown of what you need to know about the J&J Covid-19 vaccine.

It Has Received WHO and US FDA Recommendations

The WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) issued interim recommendations for the Janssen Ad26. CoV2.S vaccine against COVID-19 for people aged 18 and older, opening the path for its trial usage in the United States after the FDA approved the vaccine for use in the US on February 27, 2021.

This approval came after the business published an effectiveness report based on results from its vaccine's Phase 3 trial. In comparison to Pfizer/and BioNTech's Moderna's two-shot treatments for COVID-19, J&J's new vaccine was 66.9% effective overall in preventing moderate to severe forms of COVID-19 in people who received the shot, and 85.4 percent effective in preventing moderate to severe forms of COVID-19 in people who received the shot.

Who Can Be Vaccinated with the J&J Vaccine?

In persons with past medical disorders linked to a greater risk of severe diseases, such as hypertension, chronic lung disease, major heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, the vaccine has been shown to be safe and efficacious.

Similarly, the vaccine's clinical testing on people living with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) revealed no safety problems for this cohort. This was a positive result because these individuals are at a higher risk of developing severe COVID-19 disease. It is suggested, however, that persons who are HIV-positive be given information and counseling prior to vaccination.

It is also widely agreed that more research is needed to determine vaccination efficacy in HIV-positive people, as the immunological response to the vaccine may be diminished, lowering the vaccine's efficiency.

People who have received COVID-19 in the past are also safe to receive the vaccine, though they may prefer to delay their own COVID-19 vaccination for up to six months.

This vaccine can also be given to a breastfeeding woman who is a member of a group that has been recommended for vaccination (e.g., health workers), but no recommendations have been made for stopping breastfeeding following vaccination.

However, because there is a lack of data to define the effect, the vaccine's safety for pregnant women has not been thoroughly determined.

Who Shouldn’t Be Vaccinated with the J&J Vaccine?

The following individuals are not recommended for the usage of the Janssen Ad26.CoV2.S:

  1. Anyone who has had anaphylaxis to any of the vaccine's components should not be immunized.
  2. A person who has a body temperature of more than 38.5°C must wait until their fever has subsided before being vaccinated.
  3. At this time, the vaccine is also not advised for u, pending more clinical trials.

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