Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycles 2

Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycles 2
Why the Harley-Davidson bikes are some of the most renowned and expensive; there are however other motorcycles which though do not occupy the upper echelon of those super-expensive bikes, are however a draw for motorcycle lovers and enthusiasts.

For those looking to own and ride a bike; there are some important things to know about motorcycles to be able to make the right choice of which type to buy and how to safely operate one. There are a few things that may sensible to consider first before buying a new bike. Like the type of riding you are interested in; such as off-road biking, sport, or plain old riding up the freeway.

So, before you zoom off on one; make sure that you have considered the following:

1. How Safe Is a Motorcycle?
A motorcycle rider is perhaps the most exposed driver on the road. Especially if you happen to be riding on the freeway; not only are you exposed to the dangers of other vehicles on the road; a bike rider is also at the direct mercy of some of the elements of weather.

Consequently, it is very advisable that before purchasing and riding a bike, especially if you are doing so for the first time; you should undergo a motorcycle safety training course that is maybe likened to taking driving training. This training is necessary to guarantee your safety and that of other road users and to help sharpen your skills even if it is not your first experience with a motorcycle.

2. Getting Motorcycle Insurance
Like buying a car for the first time, a lot of people do not consider getting insurance as part of the overall cost of buying a car or in this case, a motorcycle. Like car and other vehicle insurance; motorcycle insurance is a law in most parts of the world.

Having insurance cover can come in very handle if you cause personal injury to someone or damage personal property, as well as provide cover for your medical bills, damages to your bike, or even theft.

The most common type of insurance cover in most countries is Liability Coverage as it protects you from direct liability in the event of causing bodily harm to someone while riding or damaging property.

3. The Type of Bike That Suits You
Perhaps the most important consideration to make is deciding what is best suited for you, not just in terms of how much it is going to cost you financially, but perhaps also, how well you will be able to handle it without endangering your life or imparting your health.

Most motorcycles are not made with features that can be adjusted to suit one's personality or needs. More often than not, any adjustment outside the original design has to be done by professionals to ensure that any change in the original design does not affect the dynamics of the motorcycle.

While a bike may feel right when being checked out at the showroom; you must remember that what may appear just perfect on a test ride may not feel the same way anymore when you are on a journey of several kilometres on the highway.

For instance, Cruisers may look cool and very macho; but they can be difficult to handle especially for those without prior motorcycle experience. This is because they can be quite heavy and their high handlebars and forwards footpegs can make for an uncomfortable ride over long distances.

Although Sports bikes are ideal rides at high speeds, because of their higher footpegs and longer reach handlebars which allow riders to lean forward; they can, however, leave you with a painful back on longer rides and at slower speeds.

That leaves the Standard motorcycles as the best bike option for first-time riders as they allow the rider to ride in an upright position without having to lean too far forward or backward, as well as having handlebars that do not stretch out the rider.

For the best standard bikes for beginners, the best choices remain the Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, and Kawasaki brands. These manufacturers have great options for beginner motorcycles.

4. Size and Weight of Motorcycle
If you have decided on the type of bike you think is most suitable for your need; you may want to also consider the matter of the motorcycle weight. This is an important consideration as you will be the one to control the bike after all. It is wise to buy a bike that you can control with relative ease no matter how inexperienced you may be at first. The weight of the bike may go up with its displacement. This is, however, not a principle for all bikes as some bikes with modest displacement could still weigh heavily.

In the concluding part of this topic; we will take a look at some other important aspects of motorcycles to put into consideration if you are looking to buy a bike for whatever purpose. 

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