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Everything you need to know about the new Xbox

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For my game lovers, it is no longer news that Giant brand Microsoft had dropped a new series of the Xbox back in November 2020. While several people had anticipated, painting pictures of its possibilities, others had pre-ordered and secured the cart. Microsoft was benevolent to have dropped two series which are Series X and S respectively.  

One of the things gamers anticipated modification on was the loading time. Thankfully, this was visibly identified amongst other things like the accelerated graphics and picture resolution in the Series X. 

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Okay, let's educate the non-gamers here. 

Starting with the Xbox Wireless Controller, Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) minimizes latency by ensuring that input is instantaneously synced with what's presented, making controls even more accurate and responsive. The HDMI 2.1 compatibility adds considerably more latency-reduction technologies. 

Similarities between the Xbox Series X and Series S
  1. They both contain 8-core CPUs, although X has a higher clock speed of 3.8GHz compared to 3.6GHz on the Series S.
  2. AMD's RDNA 2 graphics architecture is used on both consoles.  
  3. They both offer up to 1TB of expandable storage with the aid of an expansion card. 
  4. They both have output over HDMI 2.1. 
  5. The two series are backward compatible to the very first edition of Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox titles down to its peripherals. 
  6. They both have adequate and quiet cooling systems when in use. 
  7. They also share unique feature hardware-accelerated ray tracing for more realistic lighting in games, with a Dolby's premium Atmos audio technology for extra sound, and the Dolby Vision HDR standard for those motion pictures. 
  8. Both consoles use fast solid-state drives which increase loading time. 
Differences between the Xbox Series X and Series S
  1. The Series X includes a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, compared to the Series S which is digital, this, therefore, requires you to download your games instead of buying them on a disc. Despite this, the disc-based X still possesses double the amount of internal storage, with 1TB as compared to 512GB.
  2. The Series X also has a RAM of 16GB compared to 10GB in the Series S. 
  3. The Series S is also physically smaller than the Series X; little wonder Microsoft refers to it as the "smallest Xbox ever." 
Features of the New Xbox Series
  1. The D-Pad, bumpers, and triggers have a matte surface. 
  2. The new D-Pad has a little deeper dish and carefully adjusted angles for greater leverage with less movement. 
  3. USB-C charging ports. 
  4. It possesses Share buttons. 
  5. The Triggers and bumpers have a tactile dot pattern. 
  6. Batteries are still used. 
  7. Device pairing on PC, Android, and iOS get easier with the Bluetooth Low Energy connection. 
How much does the new Xbox Series cost? 
Before the release date, people could buy one for $499 / £449, with a monthly payment option available via the Xbox All Access. Prices for that start at $34.99 in the US for the Series X, while in the UK prices start at £20.99, for the Series S.  

At the point of release, the new series was for $299 / £249. 

Well, right now the Series X goes for about AED 2,099.00, [AED 98.00 for monthly] while the Series S goes for AED 1,249.00 equivalent [AED 58.00 for monthly payment] 

The Future for Xbox gamers
According to Xbox head Phil Spencer, you won't need to acquire new gear to play Microsoft's forthcoming first-party titles because many of them will also be available on Xbox One. This means that every Xbox Game Studios title released will be available on the Xbox One in the next few years. 

While many had anticipated the inclusion of VR [Virtual Reality] in the release of the new Xbox Series but got downcast, according to a recently found patent, Microsoft is working on VR headgear, motion controllers, a pen, and a full-fledged boundary mat that can transform your living room into a digital playground. Sound exciting, yeah? 

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