Film Production in Dubai: Freelancer or Agency?

Film Production in Dubai: Freelancer or Agency?

Video and film production are a major cinematic production that requires professional manpower and proper equipment to achieve success. When looking to produce a video or film; the client has to consider who should be responsible in bringing his ideas to reality. It is at this junction that a choice has to be made between engaging the services of a freelancer videographer or a video and film production agency. And your decision may be influenced by more than one factor.

A freelancer is an independent marketing consultant who usually has some experience working for a big company in the past, but who takes on projects on his own and provides the same services that an agency would provide. In today’s socially connected world driven by the internet and social media, freelancing is on the rise and more and more freelancing jobs are becoming more available to freelancing videographers in Dubai and the UAE.

A digital agency, on the other hand, is a larger team of marketing professionals that are managed by a classic hierarchical system and where they are able to take on much bigger and demanding projects as a result of a considerable larger resources, personnel and equipment and are usually able to accept more varied projects and have a set of expected targets placed on them. There’s no doubt that not all businesses will have the exact same needs, and that’s why the decision to hire a freelancer or an agency to execute a video or film production may not be a clear cut one.

TV Production Companies in Dubai: Cinemas or Netflix?

Today’s world is significantly different from that of a couple of decades ago. The arrival and more extensive influence of the internet and digital technology have made it possible to enjoy certain privileges in all areas of society a more commonplace experience than what it was then.

It is likely that most of us grew up having to either visit a cinema house to see the latest movie, or we had to buy a DVD to do so. Today, streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and their likes make it possible to see new movies releases even on the day they are released.

So, with such possibilities, one has to ask what the future of cinema is in a digital society with streaming services such as Netflix. Since the 1990s we can see that movie theatres have grown even more popular, thanks in particular to the release of blockbusters and new technologies such as special effects. However, between 2000 and 2021, a new phenomenon arrived with the development of internet: streaming. Indeed, with the development of internet, it becomes easier to have access to films for free through streaming.

So, how does a Film Production Company in Dubai intend to bring their productions to the audiences? A choice has to be made between going traditional with cinema releases or through a streaming service company like Netflix.

Streaming services like Netflix are a treat to the survival of movie theatres in the present day digital society, and once again, movie theatres, will like in the past, have to find a way to reinvent themselves into relevance if they are going to continue to exist.

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