Free Vs Paid Hiring Tools on LinkedIn and Facebook

Free Vs Paid Hiring Tools on LinkedIn and Facebook
It is said that even in the dark, one would still see, the focus may just be a little dim and the vision much more tasking compared to having aid or better yet having a beam of light for your path.  

The perks of using a tool for your sight here save one from possible errors in direction, increases the pace, there is an intended development, and one can track the place of growth, comparing where one was before and the destination. 

In today’s topic, we shall be comparing free vs hiring tools utilized on a social media platform like LinkedIn and Facebook. We shall consider what the free hiring tools could offer, likewise the perks associated with using a paid hiring tool. 

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What are hiring tools? 
Hiring tools are recruitment indicators and insights that help ease the process of hiring for a job position. These tools are virtual and are found on social media platforms to save one from the conventional processes of recruitment through the aid of an app.  

What is the importance of hiring tools? 
Hiring tools are new-age development utilities that have come to stay, and ease up the process of recruitment between the applicant, the application or medium, and the employer. 

Some of the importance associated with hiring tools are:  
1. It is seamless. 
2. Hiring tools save time. 
3. Hiring tools are more specific to the criteria or field of interest selected. 
4. They have a robust database. 
5. It can always be referred to in the future and edited where necessary. 
6. The hiring tools are easy to use via social media platforms. 

What are the characteristics of free hiring tools on LinkedIn? 
1. The LinkedIn platform is a type of social media that embraces both individuals and organizations to ease them while interacting towards a recruitment process. 
2. On LinkedIn, hiring managers and recruiters can seamlessly locate, attract, and recruit excellent prospects in a variety of methods using free hiring tools.  
3. You may browse profiles from an expanded network of up to a third-degree relationship across LinkedIn with free membership access. 
4. Only six criteria, including job title, industry, and name, are available on for high-level searches. 
5. Using LinkedIn's messaging interface, you may make a first-degree relationship. 

What are the characteristics of paid hiring tools on LinkedIn? 
1. First of all, you need to know that a paid premium subscription grants you access to 800 million LinkedIn members. 
2. Using LinkedIn Recruiter's 40+ advanced search filters, you may do more complex searches and zero in on applicant shortlists. 
3. You have the bragging rights to send a LinkedIn message to anybody, anywhere. 
4. With the paid hiring tools on LinkedIn, you may send 150 messages each month to anyone on InMail which has a greater response rate [3 times] than email. 
5. You can get assigned work to qualified individuals. 
6. Buy an unlimited number of job postings and utilize them to set a budget, target qualified experts and only pay when your job posting is seen. 
7. You may create a Career Page to emphasize corporate culture and earn 19x more job views by doing so. 

Free Vs Paid Hiring tools on Facebook
Since it is no news that businesses and people already use Facebook to fill and find jobs, Facebook has incorporated more unique features that allow seamless job posting and applications directly on the social media platform Facebook. 

In the journey of creating a seamless job recruiting process, Facebook has provided some unique hiring tools; while some are free, others come at a price. 

Although Facebook allows free job listings, it is recommended that you pay if you want to target a more targeted population. As more businesses profit from these paid hiring tools, Facebook's new feature will increase the number of positions offered for specification and the direction in which they are advertised. 

While I understand you may want to save some bucks using the free hiring tools on either of these social media platforms, well, you will get the buzz, however, you will enjoy a better spread with the paid hiring tools on either LinkedIn or Facebook. 
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