Future Trends in Mobile App. Development from 2021

Future Trends in Mobile App. Development from 2021

Giving users and customers access to the mobile app is one way to address their need to connect with the brand in the most convenient way for them. It is more about their preferences and less about the brand's approach to innovation – especially since having an app is no longer a sign of it, but rather a requirement. 

According to recent research by Gartner Inc. survey, the future of app development is multi-experience as user application touchpoints increase in frequency, change in modalities, and expand in device type.

Mobile apps have therefore come a long way from a technological novelty to one of the most significant tools for making modern business. It was said that a cell phone is owned by more people than a toothbrush, some comparison.

Well, Mobile devices currently account for 70% of all mobile traffic and, approximately 75% of emails are opened. Amazing!

Talking about changes in user behavior which reflects the convenience of mobile devices, according to Google, 80% of Smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies that have mobile apps or websites that answer their questions quickly. 

According to statistics, the Google Play store has 2.6 million downloadable apps and the App Store has nearly 2 million, and in 2021, the mobile app market is expected to grow by 385 percent.

There will be approximately 7 billion mobile users worldwide in 2021.

App Store user spending will increase by 92 percent to $ 157 billion by 2022.

So, what trends in the Mobile app should we look out for?

  • Instant Mobile Apps
  • Cloud-powered applications.
  • Beacon Technology.
  • APM and EMM
  •  5G wireless services.
  • The AR/VR Technology.
  • The Rise of the Bots.
  • Smarter Apps with AI and ML.
  • AMP comes into action.
  • IoT over the Apps. 
 Beacon Technology

This is one of the emerging technologies that make use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. As a result, it aids in the connection of enterprises and businesses with their customers. Healthcare, hospitality, museums, and other industries are enthusiastically embracing the true power of this futuristic technology.

Now, how does Beacon work? If you have a beacon-powered mobile app on your device, whenever the device enters the beacon’s zone, that app catches the signal and accordingly shows the device owners fitting notifications.

Cloud-Powered Application

Cloud-based apps are quickly becoming the go-to solution for industry-specific businesses. One reason for this is the unlimited storage space provided by such applications. Scalability is another major reason why cloud apps will be popular this year and beyond.

5G Wireless Services

5G wireless technology is making inroads into the mobile app development market. And it is bringing with it unimaginable speed. I mean nearly 100 times faster than the current 4G network. Everything will change as a result of this advanced wireless technology, including 3D gaming, data security, and Augmented Reality (AR).

Instant Mobile Apps

Instant mobile apps simulate the experience of using a full-fledged application without the need to download the app.

As a result, instant applications are becoming extremely popular among their target audience. Additionally, such apps have advantages such as a smaller size, an impressive UX, do not consume device memory, have the functionality of a website, and more.

The Rise of the Bots

According to industry experts, chatbots will be used in more than 80% of business interactions by the end of this year. Little wonder the Global Market Insight predicted that the global market for implementing chatbots would reach 1.34 billion USD by 2024.

The AR/VR Technology

AR/VR is well-known in the entertainment and gaming industries. However, the good news is that AR/VR will expand its reach in other sectors this year as well.

IoT over the App

Assume your alarm goes off and you discover that your morning coffee is already brewing! Assume you can't remember whether you turned off all the lights before leaving the house or not. You can do it instantly with a single tap on your smartphone! Isn't it fascinating? This is possible with IoT integration in mobile applications.

Smarter Apps with AI and ML

A sneak peek at some of the upcoming AI trends

  • Neural network interoperability
  • AI-enabled processors
  • AIOps is used to automate IT functions.
  • Translations of voice and language.
AMP Acceptance [Accelerated Mobile Pages]

Developers can now significantly reduce the loading time of web pages after Google integrated AMP listings into its mobile search results. Along with the previously mentioned benefits, an impressive AMP score aids in user retention.


Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management has been around to remove snags and enhance security structure.

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