Getting datasets in Machine Learning

Getting datasets in Machine Learning
The secret to progress in machine learning or becoming a great data analyst is to train with various types of datasets. For each type of machine learning project, finding an appropriate dataset on other hand is a challenging job. Here, we will go through the detail of various sources from which you can easily obtain datasets for your plan. 

When a set of data is compiled in some form of order it is known as a dataset. From an arrayed series to a database table, a dataset includes any sort of data. 

A tabular dataset may be thought of as a database matrix or table, with each column corresponding to a certain variable and each row corresponding to the dataset's fields. "Comma Separated File," or CSV, is the most often used file format for tabular datasets. However, we can use the JSON file more efficiently to store "tree-like data."

Dataset consists of three types of data. Categorical data (yes/no), numerical data (price), and ordinal data. 

Why do we need a dataset? 
We need a large volume of data to operate on machine learning projects because ML/AI models cannot be trained without data. One of the most important aspects of developing an ML/AI project is gathering and planning the dataset. 

Any Machine learning project's technologies cannot function correctly if the dataset is not properly prepared and pre-processed. The databases are totally relied on by the developers throughout the implementation of the Machine learning project. Datasets are split into two categories when developing machine learning applications: Training dataset and test dataset. 

Machine Learning Dataset sources:

The datasets that can be easily used by people are given below

1. Kaggle Source
Kaggle is a great place to find datasets for Data Scientists and Machine Learners. It makes it easy for users to search, import, and publish datasets. It also allows you to collaborate with other machine learning developers to tackle complex Data Science challenges. 
Kaggle offers a high-quality dataset in a variety of formats that we can quickly locate and import.

2. Dataset via Amazon Web Service 
We may use Amazon Web Service tools to search for, import, view, and distribute freely accessible datasets. These databases can be accessed through Amazon Web services, but they are supported and managed by various government agencies, academic institutions, companies, or individuals. Anyone with aws certification can use AWS tools to explore and construct different services based on shared data. The cloud-based collaborative dataset allows people to spend more time on data processing rather than data acquisition.

This source describes different types of datasets and gives explanations of how to use them. It also has a search box where we can look for the appropriate dataset.

3. UCI ML Repository 
One of the best places to find machine learning datasets is the UCI Machine Learning Library. This repository includes datasets, domain theories, and data sources commonly used by the machine learning community for machine learning algorithm research. 

It has been commonly used as a primary source of machine learning datasets by scholars, teachers, and researchers since 1987. It categorizes datasets based on machine learning problems and tasks such as classification, regression, clustering, and so on. It also includes common datasets including the Car Evaluation dataset, Iris dataset, Poker Hand dataset, and so on.

4. Datasets of Microsoft 
Microsoft also released the "Microsoft Research Open data" repository, which contains a range of free databases in fields, for example, computer vision, natural language processing, and domain-specific disciplines. We can use this resource to import datasets for use on the current device, or we can use it immediately on cloud computing.

5. Dataset of Google Search Engine
This resource assists researchers in locating publicly accessible public databases.

6. Awesome Public Dataset 
Awesome public dataset collection offers datasets that high quality and are grouped in a list according to the fields like Agriculture, Biology, Climate, and so on. Most datasets are free to use, but others are not, so it is best to search the licence before downloading.

7. Computer Vision Dataset
Visual data contains a plethora of fantastic datasets that are unique to machine visions such as Classification Tasks, Video Classification, Image Classification, and so on. As a result, whether you want to create a project based on machine learning or image processing, you can use this resource.

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