Google My Business Facts and Benefits

Google My Business Facts and Benefits

With the influx of emerging and established businesses that sprout each day, competition and a need for market penetration are on the rise. For some establishments, it is the conscious and daily effort schemed to meander prospective customers to their brick-and-mortar offices, while some others reliance on multiple strategies to gain traction on their virtual offices [and in most cases having both physical office and the virtual platforms]

While there are a couple of precise strategies that could commensurate with the translation and conversion of prospective customers/clients into a close of the transaction and becoming established in the place of the business relationship. 

One of the best words I have come to like in the place of business is “Leverage” which simply means the influence that one person or body has on another. As short as this sentence is, in the place of business and market penetration, there is a need to align business goals with people/bodies who can make the process easier.

Many years back, Google had a vision which has had their transition from different names ranging from Google local, Google local map, Google map, Google places and then down to 2014 Google My Business. This vision was intended to enable business owners to be easily spotted, identified, and verified showing their details on the search engine if a category or demographic is selected.

Going by data analysis, numbers have proven that Google is said to be receiving about 5.6 billion searches per day, and a large portion of these queries are done by individuals who are looking for places within their locality. Remember the word earlier said, leverage? Imagine having your business information easily spotted out from a credible brand, to cap it all being verified. 

In this article, I will be sharing with you why Google My Business [GMB] is vital for your brand, how to get started, and some other interesting information on the subject. 


1. Your Business is now on the map and local pack listings

If you are still unsure of the weight of this feature, consider the first page of results upon entering your search on the search field; well, GMB enables your related field to pop up when a search is initiated. This unique feature that populates the first page of results showing addresses of closest reach is called the local pack lists.

This feature, therefore, makes your brand more visible and increases your chances of interaction with the user to possibly close a sale/service.

In the case of the user seeing their desired information, the credibility of your brand is much more considered than other contenders.

2. Occasional insights for quality information

This service promotes and helps one understand the market better. With the introduction of strong tools that give information on key areas to help create plans and make decisions, Google My Business provides direct access to information and insights that could be of great help to figure everything about the audience.

Quality information can be generated by checking, Views, Queries, Engagement, Clicks, and Audience.

3. Free to use

It is only fair to let you know that there is no monthly subscription or annual payment for this service, as it is free.

Google My Business makes it a smooth ride for start-ups and small companies to market their products and services online by enhancing exposure and raising the likelihood of appearing in search results. It might make it easier for potential consumers to locate and contact you. This free tool can be used to boost internet presence, interact with your consumers, and more importantly, generate more revenue for your business.

4. Review interaction

I bet you have sighted those golden-coloured stars just underneath a brand name on different platforms, this review tool enables users to pass their rating on how they see your service, this, therefore, has a way it helps your local SEO [Search Engine Optimization] ranking. Reviews afford business owners an idea of how customers perceive their brand. They also help one to see how customers react to products or services, what tactics you should retain, what things you should alter, and where one needs to improve.


Now that you have developed an interest, simply go to and select "Manage now," which will walk you through the account creation process. Kindly note that a Google My Business Account does not immediately generate a Business Profile; rather, it grants you access to it and the opportunity to contribute to it. As a result, you need to ensure that you have access to an existing Business Profile.

Once you've created and entered into your Google My Business account, you'll need to find your distinct Business Profile on Google Maps and then click the "Claim this business" or "Own this business?" link located directly on the profile. Once this is sorted, your Google My Business account will be linked to your Business Profile your control.

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