Googles Audiobooks vs Amazons Audible

Googles Audiobooks vs Amazons Audible
Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular as a result of the present digital book proliferation. They are not just appealing to the visually impaired; many individuals find them quite easy to use even if they do not have a disability. 

Audiobooks increase the convenience factor by allowing you to listen to a book while focusing on other chores. However, although these technological wonders are handy, they are also costly - choosing the proper platform to access them is critical to saving money.

Until 2018, when Google Play Audiobooks arrived, Amazon's Audible controlled the roost. Because these two digital audiobook services aren't cheap, we'll compare Amazon's Audible and Google's Audiobooks in this review to help you decide which one is worth a try.

About Google Play Audiobooks
On this site, listening to audiobooks is as simple as buying your book and listening to it. Because Google is now attempting to recruit subscribers, many of the books come with unique, hard-to-beat pricing. Google is also providing a 50% discount on the first audiobook you purchase, and after you purchase the book, you will get lifelong access to it. These are initial pricing, so we don't know how long they'll be accessible. 

You may use the Google PlayBook app or Google Assistant to listen to books. You may also move between the Google Assistant and the Google Play Books app since your reading progress is automatically synced. Other noteworthy characteristics include:

Family Library enables members in a group to exchange audiobooks
  1. Before purchasing a book, listen to a preview.
  2. Set the timer to stop reading after a certain amount of time (ideal for bedtime reading)
  3. Adjust the reading speed to your preference. 
The Cost
Price and plans are the first things to consider when selecting an audiobook provider, as these babies are not cheap. Audible and Audiobooks utilize various pricing techniques, which is what distinguishes them the most.

Audible membership subscription Subscribers can sign up for a monthly or annual plan and pay a charge in return for credits. One credit is equivalent to one audiobook. This service provider provides three subscription plans: 
  1. Gold
  2. Platinum
  3. Audible Channels 
The Gold Plan costs $14.95 a month and includes one credit, whereas the Platinum Plan costs $22.95 per month and includes two credits. Audible Channels costs $4.95 but includes no credits.

Audible also provides a 30-day free trial period for users to explore the platform. When you join up, you must provide your payment card information. 

Subscribers can get a 30% discount on audiobooks with any of the plans. Users can also roll over unused credits to the following month or year, depending on their membership package.

There are no subscription plans available for Google Play Audiobooks. They allow you to buy a book just when you need it and provide you with lifelong access to the product. 

For regular or high-volume customers, Amazon Audible offers greater value for money than Google Play Audiobooks.

Book collection
The collections of a book shop, whether real or digital, are at their core. A supplier with a large book collection allows you to browse the selection and select your favorite novels. Audible has approximately 400,000 audiobook titles in various categories. 

Google Play Audiobooks, on the other hand, does not divulge the size of its book library. They just say they have a variety of greatest sellers but don't give a specific figure. 

Device Compatibility  
Audible is compatible with a wide range of devices. It is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, Sandisk MP3 players, Kindle Fire Tablets, Windows Phone, Windows, and Apple Mac desktops, among other things.

It also works with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to listen to audiobooks using Amazon Echo speakers. Audible also has Whispersync, which lets you transition between an audiobook and an e-book. So, as long as your book is available, you may read or listen to it whenever and wherever you choose. 

Google Audiobook is also available on Android and iOS devices. It works with Chromecast, Google Home smart speakers, Android wearable devices, web, and other devices that are compatible and enable Google Assistant. 

You’ve got the option to listen to your favorite audiobooks on your phone, in the vehicle, or at the workplace utilizing numerous devices.

Given their accessibility and compatibility with a wide range of smart devices, both platforms are very simple to use. Users of Audible and Audiobooks can raise their reading speeds, listen to a preview, and set a timer for a specific reading session to conclude. 

They also allow you to share audiobooks with family members via the Amazon Household service on Audible and Family Library on Google Audiobook. Notably, the audiobooks you purchase remain available to you on both audiobook providers in perpetuity.

Audible is a corporation established in the United States, although it supports a variety of languages. English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, and Chinese are among them. It is accessible solely in the United States. You may, however, circumvent geo-restrictions and gain access to the site by utilizing a VPN service. 

Google Play Audiobooks, on the other hand, is accessible in over forty countries and nine languages. This feature makes it more accessible to a wide range of people all around the world.

Which Should You Pick? 
Both Audible and Audiobooks provide consumers with the option of listening to their favorite books. 
When it comes to choosing between Audible and Audiobooks, Audible wins hands down in terms of library and pricing. When compared to Audiobooks, the site is also more affordable, user-friendly, and provides high-quality audiobook titles. 

Google Play, as a newcomer to the industry, does provide a viable option. Take advantage of their inexpensive promotional rates and save money, especially if you are not a frequent customer. However, if you enjoy books and will be listening to a large number of books in a month, we recommend that you remain with Audible.

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