Gulfood 2022

Gulfood 2022
A big scare that comes to mind often as the year slowly unwinds is the thought of what the new year would bring. This is often related to the place of economic decisions and the worry of if a new decision, budget review, or even a new act passed into law will be to one’s advantage. 

While these are healthy reviews, projections must have been made for the coming year as an individual and as a business entity or corporation. However, one that people worry more about is the Agricultural system. The worry of if there would be a food shortage, steady supply, or things would even be better in the coming year than it is right now in 2021. 

Today’s topic will help answer most of these questions, and perhaps give more insight to the F&B business in Dubai, likewise pointing out what Gulfood 2022 would look like. For your Meal Plans Dubai - Go to Energy Meal Plans

What is F&B? 
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The F&B Management is a branch of the hospitality business in Dubai that oversees operations in restaurants, hotels, catering firms, and hotels, among other places. The F&B covers the aspects of the food industry as a whole which could range from ordering and inventory, budgeting, down to costs. 

What is the F&B sector? 
The Food and Beverage sector is a broad and sensitive industry to the economy since it centres on edibles in different forms. Edibles like your groceries, food additives, functional foods and beverages, packaged foods, health and natural foods, canned food, animal food, drinks, energy drinks, and packaging are some of the things that make up the sector. 

Is the UAE F&B sector set for 2022? 
One could fret that after the gross impact of the COVID-19 in the UAE [United Arab Emirates] in 2021, and the discovery of the new strain like the Omicron, the F&B sector in the UAE and Dubai would be affected. 

The good news is that this may not be as severe as you had imagined, going by the control measures the country had taken to watch and curb out all loose ends to safeguard its people. 

According to Euromonitor, a worldwide research and insights platform, the UAE's consumer foodservice business would fully reverse last year's recession which took everyone agog, by showing a new robust growth between 2021 and 2023, with a forecasted growth rate of about 26% index. 

What lies ahead in the F&B sector Dubai in 2022? 
1. The growth of local brands will be dominant
This has better understanding comparing this year with the outbreak of the COVID-19 which hampered the economy from 2020-2021 and had the economy dwelling more on importation than local brands. Well, the coming year sees the country and the city of Dubai dwelling more on the local produce than imports. 

2. An increase in food halls
The food hall is a big independent facility or portion of a department store that sells food and beverages. 

According to JLL, there are already six dining halls in operation in Dubai, with one more on the way. On the other side, Abu Dhabi is beginning to adopt this approach, as more and more people are becoming interested in the notion. However, to differentiate themselves from rivals, they may need to carve out a niche to be outstanding with their delivery. 

3. The birth of Dinnertainment
I know you may be a little puzzled about what this means, well, Entertainment is a concept in which food [Dinner] and entertainment are combined into one location. In the United Arab Emirates, there has been a growth in interactive licensed dinnertainment ideas where customers may take a break from the table and participate in activities like AR/VR activities [Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality], bowling, or even electronic games.  

Would there be a Gulfood 2022? 
Yes, there will be a Gulfood 2022 in the coming year, so go get ready! 

What is Gulfood2022? 
Gulfood is also known as Gulfood show Dubai and has been termed as the biggest annual F&B exhibition in the world.  

The Gulfood sets new industry trends, drives fast-paced global sourcing, brings the most diversified world of food and beverage together, and elevates sector dialogues from agenda to action. 

With 185 countries represented, over 4000 companies, over 200 speakers at their best, 21 halls dedicated to food exploration, and, of course, over 100 award-winning chefs, business leaders, and government officials, the event is set to be the most glam and notable F&B exhibition the world has ever seen. 

When is the Gulfood 2022? 
The Gulfood 2022 event will take place at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre from the 13th - 17th of February, 2022. 

How can I register for Gulfood 2022?

While there are criteria to be met for this event, once met, kindly email for assistance with your online registration.  
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