Health benefits of transcendental meditation

Health benefits of transcendental meditation

If you are someone that finds it hard to sleep or focus, or if you are suffering from high stress then this article will prove beneficial to you.

 As we are gonna talk about how a simple thing such as medication can help with solving huge problems that are stopping you from living up to your potential.

 All of us are well aware of the benefits which we get from meditating regularly. Many of us might even have made a New Year's resolution to meditate daily but either we could not bring ourselves to do it.

 In this article, we will talk about the scientifically proven method of mediation which is called Transcendental Meditation. This is a fairly new form of meditation that is derived from the ancient Hindu Techniques of Yoga and meditation.

 The roots of this meditation are Indian as well as this technique was introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He is well-known all over the world due to this technique and the fact that a famous Western musical group named The Beatles stayed in his Ashram.

 We will talk about this meditation technique as well as about the health benefits that we get from practising this technique. And before practising this technique we will also talk about its difference from other meditative practices.

 If this is what you are looking for, then stay with us.


What is the Transcendental Meditation technique?

The transcendental Meditation technique is a way of meditation where you are given a personalised mantra from your transcendental meditation teacher.

 This meditation technique is practised by repeating a single mantra over and over til you reach a wakeful awareness that goes beyond your physical body.


What is the difference between meditation and Transcendental Meditation?

In the above section, you read what transcendental meditation is. Now you might be wondering how that makes this form of meditation any different from other forms of meditation.


In this section, we will talk about the differences between these meditative techniques.


In mindful meditation practice, a person can use many techniques to relax their mind and body. One of the ways, to perform mindful techniques is by using visual aids. Things like Brass Idols, wooden idols or painting helps you to draw your focus and attention towards meditation.


In this meditation, you are supposed to focus on clearing your mind and gently bring it back to attention if it wanders away.


This practice of mindfulness is seen in many different types of meditative techniques. Another method of meditation methodised by creating awareness about our surrounding little things like wind blowing, rustling of leaves, chirping of birds, and different kinds of smells.

In the second technique of mindful meditation, we are not supposed to clear our heads and thoughts but instead, we are supposed to see where they are leading us to. Many times we will be surprised to see what we will come across and find answers that are inside us.


Then comes Transcendental Meditation, in the above section, we have talked about this technique. While we can find that mindfulness more or less revolves around the act of being conscious of our thoughts.


But in transcendental meditation, we find that it is more concerned with reaching a state of calm and peace. We do not get to know more about ourselves or the reason behind our restlessness but it works by calming our minds and not thinking anything about this.


As in this technique, a person has to draw all their attention to a single Mantra that is being provided to them by their teachers.


Many times this mantra is specifically designed for a single person and should not be used by others. This personalised mantra is for specific goals as well. While normal meditation can be practised for any duration and number of times. This technique is practised for 20 mins twice a day.


What is the effect of Transcendental Meditation on mental health?

We have talked about how the transcendental technique of meditation is different from other forms of meditation. In this section, we will discuss how regularly practising this will impact our lives.

 As transcendental meditation is used by many people to live a better life. Regularly practising this technique is said to have a positive impact on the mental health of people.

 Here are some of the mental health benefits that are experienced by the people.


Low anxiety

One of the most positive impacts of practising this meditation is that it helps in lowering anxiety levels in many individuals.

 Anxiety is a type of mental disorder where a person feels excessive and constant fear or panic regarding various situations like public speaking, trying new things or just doing general things. 

Better focus

When a person is in stress or experience tension that does not seem to go away. When this condition is felt frequently or regularly, it tends to affect the productivity as well as the focus of an individual.

 When one regularly practices this meditation, it is observed that the focus of an individual improves as this technique revolves around calming the mind and cutting off rubbish.

 Not just Mental, but many physical health benefits are observed as well. 

Lowers High Blood pressure

It is scientifically proven that constantly practising Transcendental meditation under the guidance of a professional T.M. (Transcendental meditation) teacher is said to improve the problem of high blood pressure.

 It could be because one of the leading causes of this is stress and tension. As meditation is seen to help with lowering the stress levels of an individual which directly affects the problem of high Blood pressure.


Pain management

Another surprising benefit of Transcendental meditation is that it helps with managing acute pain. Acute pain is experienced in short duration but the intensity is very high.

 Usually, this pain serves as a warning sign that there is something that is wrong with our bodies.

 In many cases, when people receive treatment for their illness or disease it tends to result in acute pain. But with the help of Transcendental meditation, it is seen to reduce the distress which is associated with pain and that in turn helps with the management of pain.



In this article, we had a deep discussion about Transcendental meditation. In the beginning, we talked about what it means as well as how it is different from other forms of meditation.

 In the last section, we have talked about how this help with providing health benefits.

 That’s all for now.

Hope that you enjoyed reading this.

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Niti singh

Aug 16, 2023

Great article! I have always loved doing transcendental meditation. It is a specific form of mantra meditation that involves repeating a specific sound to achieve a state of awareness. It has many benefits, including reducing stress, improving focus and overall well-being. Transcendental meditation is a great way to improve your mental health and create a sense of awareness. Also, check out Highly recommended.

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