Here is why your sublimation printing has been failing

Here is why your sublimation printing has been failing
The place of choice certainly comes from learning. This could either be from personal experience or the experience of others; either way, good use of knowledge is gained, which signifies learning. 

In the world of printing, creativity is never limited, as one tends to uncover new ways of doing things without much or no cost. While printing may require a few tweaks here and there to get the desired output, the choice of a printer can be a determinant of the output. 

This post will guide you on the choice of printers to consider for your sublimation job. This is why your sublimation jobs have been poor. At the end of this reading, you will not just have been another reader of my many articles, but also have identified a better way of handling your sublimation requests. 

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What is sublimation in printing? 

Sublimation in printing is a technique that embeds a design into a surface or fabric with the use of ink and heat. The fashion industry has enjoyed the perks of technology since it permits whole garment prints, or designs that cover the entire garment without any extra effort, provided it is done correctly. 

Sublimation printing has grown to become more popular in this present creative age than ever before. With the use of a high-temperature heat press, the artwork is transferred to an object in a gas state during the dye sublimation printing process. 

While you may be quick to consider the difference from traditional printing, please note that this process bypasses the liquid step, as it requires no ink to dry on the printed object. 

Can I use any printer for sublimation printing? 

Sublimation printing requires a skilled printer to provide the actual print job that matches as intended. Inkjet printers that use a thermal printing head, like HP, Lexmark, Dell, and Canon, cannot work for sublimation printing. 

However, printers that use a Micro Piezo print head like Brother, Epson, or Ricoh inkjet printers would work for sublimation printing. 

Do sublimation printers use regular ink? 

No! Sublimation printers make use of sublimation ink. Sublimation ink is a water-based ink that undergoes heat press, such that the dye changes from solid to gas without reverting to a liquid form, and then our images become printed. 

The change in its chemical reaction is why it is called sublimation. 

Why is your sublimation printing failing? 

There are many reasons why your sublimation printing has been poor. I'll be listing below some possible reasons for the flaws and how you can avoid further setbacks on this. 

1. You haven't been using a heat press machine.  
A heat press machine is required for sublimation printing, as it guarantees a consistent temperature and applies an even amount of heat across all the surfaces within the heating element area. 

2. The ink of choice was not sublimation ink.  
A smart dye sublimation ink is advisable for sublimation printing since it provides quality results, dense black, and rich, vivid colors compared to regular inks. 

3. There is a need to use sublimation paper. 
Sublimation paper is a unique type of paper used with a sublimation printer and ink to design as it is heat pressed onto the final product. 

It uses a special coating that allows the ink to sit closely on the surface with minimal bleeding to form a crisp image. 

4. There are limited surfaces to what sublimation can withhold. 
Not all fabrics or surfaces are advised to use sublimation printing, as they will only deliver a poor job. When considering a fabric to run a sublimation design on, it is best advised to use polyester material. 

In conclusion, sublimation printing may be known only to the skilled, but only the highly skilled can deliver a neat sublimation job with the above criteria. If you have gotten it all wrong before now, no reason to worry. Here's to a fresh start. 

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