How can I check my Emirates ID status?

How can I check my Emirates ID status?
The UAE [United Arab Emirates] in her bid to ensure that every resident is adequately taken care of has set in place a qualitative database whereby each resident of the country can be uniquely identified.

Once the database has been created, an Emirates ID is presented to every resident and citizen of the country for ease of identification across different industries.  

Since the Emirates ID is a necessity for every resident of the country, there are modes to its application, and how to confirm the status of the Emirates ID. This and other information would I be sharing in this article. 

How can I check my Emirates ID status? 
While there are different reasons why you may seek to confirm the status of your Emirates ID, a good number of reasons could be due to a loss and replacement of the Emirates ID, a renewal, and a fresh Emirates ID application. If you fall under any of these categories, simply visit the website link enter your Application Number Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) or Emirates ID Number to confirm the status of your ID Card Application. 

Alternatively, you could simply call 600522222 for the Emirates ID status or should you seek further assistance. 

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How can I download Emirates ID from the ICA app? 
You can easily download the Emirates ID from the ICA app by using the ICA UAE Smart app, which is available on all app store platforms. Simply login into the app, while on the home screen, select the Emirates ID icon.  

You could also download the subject on either platform by downloading the UAE Pass app, and then proceed to generate a QR code for authentication. If the new-style card has been issued, this will display you a replica of how it looks. 

How can I check my Dubai ID status? 
Just as advised for the Emirates ID, users may apply for a Dubai ID by filling out the form at Enter your Emirates ID number and follow the on-screen instructions.

Emirates ID is a card that contains all of the cardholder's information, making the Dubai ID registration procedure straightforward and checking status on the same website. 
How long does it take to receive an Emirates ID after undergoing a medical examination?
Now that you have completed your medical exam, you should go for biometrics for your Emirates ID.

As soon as the emirates id biometrics application for a residence permit is completed, it will be forwarded to the immigration department. This procedure may take up to 4 business days. 

How can I check my UAE visa validity? 
In a world where Visa authentication is a practice when reviewing your papers, it is vital to check your UAE residency visa status online before embarking on a trip.

Simply visit the website link
 and follow the easy steps 
    1. Choose "Change Language" and then English. 
    2. Click on the "Passport Information". 
    3. Depending on your visa type, select "Visa" or "Residency." 
    4. Enter passport number and expiration date. 
    5. Select country of origin from the menu. 
    6. Use the captcha checkbox. 
    7. Review the information you supplied, and if valid, the website will display all of your visa information, including the expiration date of your UAE visa. 
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