How can I develop a website?

How can I develop a website?

The word develop comes from the understanding of the process, and growth which are gradually becoming while aimed towards a task, project, or goal. Easy to say, development is a conscious and strategic measure implemented by people of the know whereby a tactical approach is taken with all safety and standard measures in the ethics duly considered. In the place of website development, web design, and web development companies, processes are the order of the day whereby terms like wireframes are introduced to save the day and give the client an understanding that the intended task or set of programs will be carefully run.

In today’s read, I will be sharing with you an interesting topic in web design and development, among other interesting sub-topics, something that comes to the minds of a web enthusiast, things as how can I develop a website? Such that at the end of this read, you will be better informed on some things, likewise enjoy the sense of new information on web development.

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What is website development?

The effort that goes into constructing a website is referred to as website development. Everything from markup and code to scripting, network settings, and Content Management System [CMS] development falls under this category.

Website development encompasses all related development responsibilities, such as client-side [user side] scripting, server, and network security settings, eCommerce development, and CMS development.

What makes web development special?

First of all, you should have gotten the memo by now that the internet has come to stay, at least for now. This has made modern technologies build their businesses likewise routine into it, such that it becomes a portal and primary method considered for leisure, research, communication, education, and an endless list of possibilities. Allow me to juggle your memory quick, in 2021, it was observed that we had 4.66 billion global Internet users, if statistics are right, this amount to more than half the world’s population. Awesome, right?

Given the rapidly-increasing number of Internet users, it’s no surprise that web development is a rapidly expanding industry. Between now, May 2022, and 2030, the employment of web developers is expected to grow by 13%, much faster than most other technology careers. call me a prophet later, but numbers don't lie. I bet you get what makes web development an ever-growing phase of uniqueness that would forever be relevant.

How can I develop a website?

Developing a website becomes easier with a fore plan on what to develop. Understanding the client’s details ensures that you can create a web design, likewise a wireframe that would help show the direction and path towards the entire user experience [UX] as intended on the client-side. A lot goes into making an appealing, user-friendly website, from functionality and appearance to navigation and coding integrity of the program, tests after tests. Web developers and designers must collaborate to create websites that are search engine friendly, user friendly, attract users and engage respectively, likewise spark conversions.

If you have solved the first riddle of wireframe, having gotten the details of what the client wants, the following are the things to consider when developing a website. They are:

1.       Consider a domain name.

Ensure to have the domain name of choice settled. I know you may want to include your loved one's names and perhaps your nickname or include some belief theory into the domain name, but trust me, it is not a good move. Ensure to have something easy to read, and more importantly easy to remember the type of domain. Domain names are suggested to be shared as an easy match to whatever service you intend to serve. Take, for instance, a website that focuses on creative writing and then goes with the name [hypothetically], such that you understand that plasticine is made of clay and can be dissolved and re-molded into anything the potter intends it to be. You can relate, right?

If this is sorted, you can choose a host as well. There are notable platforms like HostGator, GoDaddy, Joomla, WordPress, etc.

2.       Consider the web design.

Again, one of the most important things to remember during the process of website development is to create a clean, and appealing web design. While a web design dubai is only attractive and easy to read, compatible, responsive, easy load time, and intuitive navigation, most importantly, a clean design helps users experience [UX] and guarantees viewers focus on the value of your brand and content instead of distracting graphics and large amounts of text. Often, customers associate website designs with the quality of a particular company or product, and in ripple, it aids a comeback, likewise referrals.

3.       Consider interaction.

I know you now have a domain name, and it is worth celebrating. I don’t need to be a prophet to see that. But I think you must consider that your user would like some form of engagement with you, while your chatbots could help, e-mail marketing too should fly, there is a need for the user to be able to interact with your page easily. The navigation, the ease of menu, the placement of the menu, and possible Call to Action [CTA] should be carefully considered always. 

4.       Content creation.

Anyone who has taken out time for a web design, and web development must channel if not more, the same energy into dishing out creative content for the page. You may be selling a service or product, but beyond the ultimate purpose of closing a sale, web developers must ensure that users have a worthy time any time they visit your domain. You may need the expertise of dynamic writers, and perhaps a social media manager, likewise a graphic designer to help sync your storytelling in texts, images, and videos respectively or collectively.

5.       Consider an SEO-friendly site.

SEO [Search Engine Optimization] helps your domain have a stronger authority when a search on any of your web-related contents is included on the search engine bar. If done carefully, with the use of long-tail words, you can enjoy the privilege that your website/domain ranks on the first page results of SERP [Search Engine Related Pages]. It's vital to have clean, SEO-friendly code whether you're creating new web pages or optimizing current ones in web development. Web development companies in Dubai like The Watchtower would suggest that you will enjoy a boost in your site's total return on investment by taking the effort to improve the code. By providing a clear picture of your site's content, SEO-friendly code functions as a guide for search engine crawlers. What this means is that certain CMS platforms, like WordPress, offer plug-ins that make cleaning up code and improving search engine results become easier than before. If you are seeking which platform best handles this, a good consideration should be WordPress, as they provide a terrific resource for businesses attempting to increase visitors to their websites because it leverages on templates more than coding.

6.       Consider Security.

What is the point of creating a unique and well-deserving website when it will still be intruded on by a virus? It is therefore vital to buff up the security of the web design to ensure a user experience [UX] at all times. As technology continually advances, new and more sophisticated security threats endanger the integrity of your website. Websites must prevent security breaches on both the front and back ends, from malware and viruses to harmful apps and the threat of hackers. Therefore, to guarantee a form of protection with customer information, web designs intended for online transactions, such as e-commerce sites would require additional security measures. 

For websites with extra peculiarity to transactions, and payments, it is best advised that they have SSL certificates on their websites to lessen the risk of browser-based threats. It's vital to check the security elements incorporated in your site's structure and design during development. Nobody wants to be invaded by Ransomware; therefore, business brands must carry out due diligence regularly ensuring that timely security inspections or contracts are enacted.

7.       Consider tracking site performance.

The ultimate rule in the rule book is: never get comfortable! Rule number two is: don’t forget rule number one. I bet you can relate, reason why suggesting that you track your website performance should not come out of the blues. Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, and, of course, Google Webmaster Tools are familiar to any site designer or developer. If our beliefs are correct, they are the cornerstones of religion. Web developers can use these tools to determine the return on investment for each CTA with precision and efficiency. This act works on both standard and mobile websites, allowing the two instruments to be used in tandem to track traffic, engagement, and conversion rates. The concept of tracking aids in determining which marketing strategies perform best and which underperform. These vital insights will aid the team in perfecting marketing tactics and fine-tuning engagement techniques to get the best possible results.

8.       Consider improvements.

Well, the beat doesn’t stop, yeah? There is always something you want to tweak, remove, include or stretch on. There is every need to pay attention to the usability and feedback of your users/clients/prospects. Every feedback is raw data that can be better harnessed for your growth. Kindly note that there is no bad feedback in the place of growth. The chatbots, the newsletters, the bugs discovered, the navigation, loading time, screen responsiveness, color saturation, screen menu, and all that magic that makes the web design enticing should continually be reviewed for a better user experience always. 

In summary, a web design is a master plan of how your website would appear, and only a professional web designer or a web design and development company can best interpret and create the perfect website to suit that goal. If you have a web designer, good for you, however, if you seek a professional touch regardless of your location, The Watchtower - Web Design Company Dubai can make your dreams come true... while awake. 

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