How did the UAE become the Middle East's Center of Art?

How did the UAE become the Middle East's Center of Art?
Imagine visiting an art gallery as an art lover, perhaps for an exhibition, and seeing carefully done masterpieces dispersed, with your eyes everywhere in awe of the avalanche of creativity, and then you see this work of art, your jaw drops open, and you palpitate not because a heart attack is close by, but simply because nothing else matters... but this mesmerizing work of art; this is a literal explanation of a centre of art. A unique position and worthwhile gaze, which clearly defines how the UAE [United Arab Emirates] is seen in the Middle East, a centre of art. 

The respect the UAE has gotten for itself in the Middle East and beyond borders is not tagged to media hype alone, as there have been significant quantum leaps in their rich culture that keeps setting them on your search list and the lips of talebearers.  

What are the things that make the UAE a focal point? This and more will I put answers to in this unique article. Be sure to read to the end. 
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How did the UAE become the Middle East centre of art? 
If there is a recipe to the UAE's growth process, it must be "dare to be different".  

The UAE always strives to do more than the regular. They get creative minds around who think uniquely, seeking out a new avenue to bring development and empowerment to the country. 

Milestones like early 2000 signified a pivotal leap for the UAE, and events like Christie's establishment presenting the first auction of modern and contemporary art in the Middle East in Dubai in 2006, following the formation of economic free zones, was one of the UAE’s defining moments.  

The UAE's blossoming art scene benefited from a diverse range of perspectives and experiences; all thanks to the UAE's large arm of embrace to the rising expatriate community, which rippled to galleries springing up through the nation.  

The UAE became the first Gulf country to host a permanent pavilion at the Venice Biennial, one of the most prestigious art exhibits in the world, in 2009. 

Easy to say, 2000 were clear moments where the UAE was known for other things than the Black gold. 

What are the arts of UAE? 
For a long time, history has argued with itself on how many arts we have, as some have put out 5, others 6, and some went far as 9, but either of all choices, the UAE has never segregated creativity or craft. and if there be an art, the UAE would be there regardless. 

In the past, popular kinds of art included music, poetry, ceramics, weaving, dancing, and needlework. Well, as the world gradually evolves, paintings and literature have now joined the list of blooming creative genres of art in the UAE. 

What is the traditional art of the UAE? 
The UAE is rich in traditions and art, which makes it almost difficult to put all into a subtopic. However, one of the heritage of the UAE lies in the Taghrouda and Nabati poetry are part of the UAE's traditional literary legacy. Taghrouda is a poetry fight that takes place in rural places to help find a missing camel or horse. 

At wedding ceremonies, Al Taghrouda is done on the back of a horse. The equestrian taghrouda represents bravery, magnanimity, and courage. 

On the other hand, Nabati poetry has been a part of life on the Arabian Peninsula since the 16th century. It refers to the Arabic dialect spoken by non-native Arabic speakers. You'll be pleased to learn that H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum also writes Nabati poetry. 

Calligraphy is also a traditional art of the UAE. 

What Art galleries can be found in the UAE? 
For lovers of art and craft, there are a handful of galleries seen in the UAE for your worthwhile.  
Below are 10 art galleries I recommend you visit. 
1. Majis Gallery 
2. Aisha Alabbar Gallery 
3. Al Jaber Gallery 
4. Ethiad Modern art gallery. 
5. Marjan Islamic Art Gallery 
6. Louvre Abu Dhabi 
7. The Art Gallery at NYU Abu Dhabi. 
8. XVA Gallery 
9. Sharjah Art Museum. 
10. Artsawa Gallery 

How do I get my art into galleries? 
While humble beginnings are beginnings for any wannabe, since not all may have the resources to put open a gallery at once, it is therefore advised that you follow these simple steps to get your creative work to the face of art lovers. 
1. Be confident of your work. 
2. Network with people in your field. 
3. Get busy on the social media platform, create a buzz with some of your works. 
4. Visit galleries and exhibitions. 
5. Propose a business relationship with the owner of the galleries, and curators. 
6. Be friendly and be a good conversationist; it never fails. 
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