How do I create a CV on my phone in 2022?

How do I create a CV on my phone in 2022?
Those who graduated from "the school of thought" can easily understand things said like: perception is reality, or the first impression matters most. These are some mantras they ostensibly live by, and maybe some other school of thought could renounce it, saying a second option would always come around if the aim and time are within scope. 

In the digital world, for instance, people have built a persona for themselves, appearing to be something farfetched from reality, while this is not the direction of today’s topic, my angle from this is perception has sold far better than reality. 

Still, on how well perception could opt your chances in life, I shall share with you today how the importance of having a good CV, and how you can create a CV from your smartphone in 2022. 

What is CV? 
CV is an acronym for Curriculum vitae which is simply brief information on whom you are and all you identify with. The CV helps tell your story better while identifying key areas in your place of discipline, merits attained, bio-data, and referees where necessary. 

Since the CV acts as an image of one, it is there tantamount that careful attention is placed in the composition, alignment, structure, and ease for comprehension. In as much as you might intend to wow your reader, it is pertinent to only state information that is true in your CV. 

CVs are most seen in Ms Word format, others are seen in PDF [Portable Document Format] just for ensuring the file is not altered. 

What are the types of CV? 
There are mainly two types of CV, however, 3 are recognized. They are: 

1. Chronological CV
A chronological CV is the traditional type of CV used by recent graduates who seek employment in a field or sector of skill. The Chronological type of CV is usually arranged in reverse order where it displays your most recent experience and achievements first before the older ones. 

A chronological CV also contains a personal statement that highlights the strength and skills of the individual. 

2. Functional CV
A functional CV, unlike a chronological CV, emphasizes your abilities and competence rather than the chronology of your previous career [s]. 

Although most recruiters prefer chronological CVs, some senior executive roles demand a functional CV in addition to a chronological CV to identify relevant talents and achievements. 

It sure saves time identifying your skills and merits beyond the conventional information provided. 

3. Combined CV
Just as the name implies, this is a fusion of both the chronological and functional formats blended in a combined CV, thus making it significantly lengthier than usual. It usually includes the finest features of both forms of CVs and has taken a height in acceptance now. 

How do I create a CV on my phone in 2022? 
There are several great inventions since sliced bread, among the many faces of ease would be apps that help out create CVs from your PC or your smartphone; They are called the CV/Resume builder. 

How it works is simple. A resume builder gives you a variety of pre-made resume templates, asks you a few easy questions, and then pre-writes bullet points and abilities so you don't make any mistakes, then autofill for you. 

Which app is best for making a CV? 
This almost sounds like “Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all” [an excerpt from Snow white], well, if Snow-white was to be the best app for making a CV, it would be the Resume Star 2: Pro CV Maker. 

While others would serve your intention of creating a CV, the Resume Star 2 just makes the entire process smooth, and with little or no hitch. The good part is that it is available on Apple and Android. 

What is the best free CV builder? 
Please don’t be too quick to mix things up, this is not the same as the app-building the CV. The best free CV builder considered here are for the web experience and not the app experience. 

For the best free CV builder out there, a good consideration would be Resume Genius. 

Kindly note that this conclusion is based on ratings, feedback from users, and its users out there.  
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