How do I pay with Samsung Pay?

How do I pay with Samsung Pay?

Samsung, a leading brand in technology has invented a common mode of payment for all its Smartphone and gadget users through the invention of the Samsung Pay. In 2015, Samsung pay was launched from a pool of innovations to break barriers by being a smarter, secured, and more importantly, a seamless way of initiating payment using a smart device.

Payments have once again evolved from the conventional handling of paper bills, bank transfers, smart credit/debit cards, and now Samsung pay. 

Is Samsung pay Secured?

The answer is yes, Samsung pay is very secured, bearing in mind that every transaction initiated is protected by your bank's fraud protection and authenticated by your fingerprint, PIN, or iris scan. Furthermore, Samsung Knox and its tokenization provide an additional layer of security.

The following are what makes Samsung Pay secured

Please be informed that the same measure of security your Bank provides your account details ripples to the Samsung pay as well.


This is a secured measure set by Samsung as an extra layer of security to continually monitor your phone and keep your card information encrypted in a data vault.


Just because authentication is key, every transaction attempt is authenticated with your token, fingerprint, PIN, or iris recognition. There is a need to activate your Find My Mobile service on your device, so, should you have a lost or stolen device, one could lock or erase your Samsung Pay account remotely, all thanks to the Find My Mobile feature.

Now that you know that the platform and your funds would be secured, let me guide you on the payment process.

What is required to use a Samsung pay?
  1. A Samsung account must be created.
  2. A Samsung PIN or Fingerprint creation would be required.
  3. Your device must be compatible with the service.
  4. Your device must have an NFC [Near Field Communication] and MST [Magnetic Secure Transmission] feature.
  5. An active Credit/Debit card by your financial institution or vendor.
How to set up Samsung Pay on your device?

I believe you have your device with the Samsung pay already. so, let's get through with it.

  1. Launch application, tap screen to activate.
  2. Create a PIN for Samsung Pay.
  3. Confirm PIN by entering it again.
  4. Add card details, since you're a first-time user.
  5. To enable your biometric security, Select Menu in the upper left corner to launch Samsung Pay.
  6. Select Settings, and then select Fingerprint or Irises as the next option.
  7. After you've activated it, follow the on-screen instructions to set up Fingerprint or Iris verification. If you don't have a lock screen set up for your phone, you may be required to do so.
How to add your payment card using Samsung Pay?
  1. Launch the Samsung Pay app on your device.
  2. Select the Menu icon in the upper left corner, followed by Cards.
  3. Select the Add card Menu, and then click Add credit/debit card.
  4. Please follow the prompts to register your payment card[s], as you can have up to ten listed.
  5. After adding a card, carefully read the terms and conditions and agree where necessary.
How do I pay with Samsung Pay?                                    

Now comes the exciting part!

Payments have just gotten slicker with Samsung Pay, as you no longer need to cling to that fat wallet in your pocket or take extra precautions not to lose that purse [don't lose it either way].

So, you've made your selections and it's time to pay, simply:

  1. Start by launching the Samsung Pay application on your device.
  2. While selecting a payment card, select Pay.
  3. Select PIN or IRIS as your authentication method, and then enter the necessary security information. If you chose the fingerprint option, simply place your finger on the fingerprint scanner on your phone.
  4. Once finished, place the back of the device against the contactless reader and perform the actions you want to complete your payment.

Kindly note that if you had intended to make use of your smartwatch instead of the mobile phone, you would be required to have it paired with the payment card first of all; to have this sorted, you need to connect your Smartwatch to your phone and then add a PIN. 

If you're a user of Samsung Pay, you could just import cards you had already added, however, if first time using Samsung Pay, you would be required to add all the cards again.

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