How do I share music between iOS and Android 2024?

How do I share music between iOS and Android 2024?
People have thrown gests to how certain phone users behave, all thanks to the social media app that gave this a buzz: TikTok, which just turned over a billion users in recent time.  

While some people have come up with the ideology that there are only two types of phone users in today’s market, iPhone users, and Samsung. Maybe there is an iota of truth in this, especially when the likes software company RIM [Research in Motion] makes of Blackberry phones are no longer in the race to sway loyal customers. 

It is understood that people have their reasons for picking up a phone for purchase. Let us leave out those who purchase phones based on trends, and just to keep up, other phone users seek out unique features that the phone can deliver before they purchase, some of which are camera, speaker sound, and how sleek it is. 

All phones have a music player by default, regardless of the OS [Operating System] running, however, when it comes to phone users sharing files, it becomes a task especially when you have to worry about the brands of the phone before proceeding.  

Is there a way out of this or can I share music between iOS and Android in 2024? This would be discussed in today’s article. 

Can I share music between iOS and Android?
The beautiful part about technology and hiccups is that they keep innovating and that is growth, which means ease for every phone user. And just like you can share happiness with a bottle of Coca-Cola, you can share music between iOS and Android devices. 

All you will require is to synchronize your Apple phone with iTunes, then get a Personal computer, the sending Apple device, and the receiving mobile device. 

How do I share music between iOS and Android in 2024? 
You can share music between an iOS device and an Android mobile phone in 2024, all you have to do is: 
1. Ensure to have synchronized your iPhone with iTunes as your music player. 
2. Get a windows computer, connect iPhone with the computer, access the iTunes library to access all music files. In a case where some of your music is not from the Apple platform, you might require a third-party program to crack that. 
3. Once the list of music is seen on the iTunes music player, you can disconnect the Apple phone, connect the Android phone via a USB [Universal Serial Bus] cable, highlight the songs intended, and then create a folder for it on the computer. 
4. Open the folder, highlight the songs and copy them into your Android phone... you’re good to go. 

In the case where your PC is Mac, here is how you go about it. 
1. You can transfer music files via YouTube music. Simply launch from your device, and then log in with the Google account of the Android phone. 
2. Proceed to select PROFILE, then select UPLOAD MUSIC, then select the songs you wish to add. 
3. Proceed to download the YouTube app on your device, where you can download songs to the device so you can play music offline. Voila! 

What is the best app for playing music together? 
Asides from football, music is something that also has its magic bond of bringing everyone together, despite their choice of phone brands or OS.  

With the JQBX app, you can enjoy playing music from varying platforms played together without any possible interruption. 

The app is available for both mobile versions and windows or iOS. 

What is the best iPhone music player for Android? 
Hi, Music is a recommended music player that provides an iPhone-like user experience as well as Android functionality in an Android phone. Hi, Music is available on Google Play Store.  

What is the best app to share music? 
The best app to share music would be Spotify with over 170 million monthly active users. Spotify has the best tool to make playlists for parties or create a joint list with friends from a wide selection of music from different categories and genres. 

All that is required is to create a new playlist by navigating to File > New Playlist. name the list, open it, and then add the song you intend to share. 

Is there a free music download app for iPhone? 
Using applications like Audiomack, you get to listen to music for free on your iPhone. 

You may legally download music for free from Audiomack to listen to songs when you don't have access to the internet.  

Which app is best for free music download? 
There is a myriad of applications that can serve for free music downloads especially when it is not limited to iPhones, however, we also still recommend the Audiomack as the best app to download free music. 

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