How do I withdraw money from BitOasis?

How do I withdraw money from BitOasis?
You have registered, signed in, and probably already started using BitOasis. Now, it is time to withdraw and you don't know-how. Rest easy, you are definitely in the right place, ill show you how you can withdraw money from Bitoasis, how long withdrawal takes, and everything else you need to know about getting your money from BitOasis.

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You can only withdraw to a personal bank account if you live in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, or Bahrain. (Except Mashreq Bank.

How to withdraw Money from BitOasis

Now let's talk about how you can withdraw money from BitOasis
  1. To comply with a withdrawal order, your account must be verified before you can begin selling your BTC balance on your BitOasis wallet.
  2. You can withdraw your AED balance to your bank account by going to the "Withdraw" page on the "Sell Bitcoin" tab
  3. Click on the "Withdraw" button. You'll need to type the amount you want to withdraw.
You can withdraw a partial amount however, BitOasis have a minimum withdrawal order of 222 AED for local withdrawals and 330 AED for foreign withdrawals (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain), with transfer fees included.

How long would it take for my AED withdrawal to be processed?

Local AED withdrawals can take up to four working days to handle, while foreign AED withdrawals can take up to ten working days. Your AED withdrawal order history can be found on the "My withdrawals" page under the "Sell Bitcoin" tab.

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What are the withdrawal fees?

The below are the withdrawal fees: For local withdrawals (within the UAE), the fee is 200 AED per withdrawal order; for overseas withdrawals, the fee is 250 AED per withdrawal order.

Bitoasis makes money as a third-party cryptocurrency platform by charging customers trading fees. This is used if you purchase or sell a cryptocurrency. The price mechanism for trading fees is determined by how much you sell per month and whether you are a 'market maker' or a 'marker taker.'

If you are unfamiliar with a market maker, it is someone who offers liquidity for the trade. The market taker, on the other hand, is the one who trades on the rates fixed by the makers. If you're a regular investor, you're probably a price taker.

Market maker fees
1.   Less than $250,000 per month: 0.25%
2.   >250,000 per month: 0.2%
3.   >500,000 per month: 0.15%
4.   >1,000,000 per month: 0.1%
5.   >2,500,000 per month: 0.075%
6.   >5,000,000 per month: 0.050%

Market taker fees
1.   Less than $250,000 per month: 0.5%
2.   >250,000 per month: 0.5%
3.   >500,000 per month: 0.45%
4.   >1,000,000 per month: 040%
5.   >2,500,000 per month: 0.350%
6.   >5,000,000 per month: 0.3%

How can I move BTC from my BitOasis wallet to another BTC wallet? 
1. Start by going to the "Send Bitcoin" page under the "Send" tab on your BitOasis wallet dashboard. 
2. You will be asked to enter the BTC address to which you want to return the BTC funds.
3. Enter the estimate of BTC that you want to submit
4. By clicking on the "Get Fee" button, you can see the payments for submitting BTC.

How do I move BTC from another wallet to my BitOasis wallet?

1. Click on the "Receive" tab on your BitOasis wallet dashboard to find your personal BTC receiving address.
2. To secure your safety, each transaction generates a new bitcoin address. This stops anyone from looking at the blockchain and watching any of the transfers you make. Please keep in mind that any new addresses generated by your wallet will remain connected to your BitOasis account.

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