How do Restaurants Manage Social Media in UAE?

How do Restaurants Manage Social Media in UAE?
I bet I'm not the only one who does not like being asked how I manage my money? This question, in as much as money is involved in the sentence, and could therefore sound good to the mind, is only brought up when there are greater expectations in the result than what one has made of themself with money. 

While money is just but a legal tender, there are resources as well that people use in checkmating how well one is doing. A good example is a social media application, Instagram. There is this wave of perception on Instagram true in all instances that bases the number of followers an account has to validate how well one is doing in the area of business. Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to say this may not be true in all instances. 

But so, we don’t deviate much, how then do restaurants manage social media in UAE [United Arab Emirates]? 

How do restaurants manage social media in UAE? 
A restaurant can have people talk about how healthy, and palatable their meal tastes only if they’ve got skilled chefs to handle the meals; likewise, can a restaurant better manage their social media account with the expertise of a social media manager in the UAE. 

What the social media personnel does is to keep the restaurant’s pages active and engaged, such that people have a healthy and convincing perception of its service delivery. This act must be intentionally done for engagements, awareness, and works as a place for service delivery.  

What social media should Restaurant use? 
Does anyone remember the social media networking app called 2Go? Time flies! This platform was seen almost as my growing up milk in a bottle. It had a range of young teenagers who were just there to mingle and pass out time. Now, 2go did what it could do best, having its target audience or niche, but if all dogs go to heaven where do restaurants go to?  

Let me point out some things quick on this, for whatever service you choose to render as a business entity, you need to understand where your prospective clients would be, likewise the app that best captures your service. For the sake of this article on restaurants in the UAE, we would require an app that does more with pictures, and who else serves this better than Instagram, right? 

You can use Instagram for a good spread of audience with picture clarity, it won't fail, I promise. You can also leverage the number of active users on TikTok to create amazing videos of your fine meals, or perhaps jump on a challenge for a location and brand boost. 

These two are my ideal social media channels every restaurant must have. Facebook, WhatsApp, and the likes could also suffice as a backup for your widespread. 

What do restaurants post on social media?  
Now that you have an active social media account[s], your next worry is what to post. If you are just starting, and you’re then on a budget to afford a social media manager [which would save you all the headaches by the way], here are things to post on your accounts. 

10 things restaurants should post on social media. 
1. Restaurants should post more of their food menu. 
2. Post your staff in their nice cut-out uniforms. 
3. Post more of your live video process of some meals, let people understand how real you are. 
4. You can post and guide on how to make some unique meals. 
5. Restaurants should post their ambience. 
6. When restaurants get reviews, they should include them on their social media; both the good and bad. It will show them as being transparent. They should include FAQs as well. 
7. There are visions restaurants may suddenly have; don’t keep the excitement to yourself alone. Post your intent for the new week on social media platforms. 
8. Restaurants should post a newly added menu. 
9. Restaurants should post their Google location to help people find them easily. 
10. Restaurants should post Nutritional materials on meals. 

How do restaurants create social media? 
There is one simple piece of trick for restaurants on creating social media: simply create content. 

You can only create “social” media when you have content to make you sociable with your audience. In this case, your content could vary from videos, content writing on the menu, nutritional information: food tips, infographics, pictures, and a fusion of all. 

Manage your money, manage your social media.

Trust me, it's that simple. Post content! 
If a man is lost with how to go about his ways on social media marketing, ask about The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai, we’ll take it from there.  
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