How do you attach an email to another email in Outlook?

How do you attach an email to another email in Outlook?

You may need to read that out again to have a better picture of understanding, but if you had been in a similar shoe of experience where you were uncertain on how to go about this topic, I bet you leaped with joy and comprehension once you sighted this. 

Well, for many and more, we are accustomed with the use of the Word document and if that be the case, it implies you do quite well in attaching files like Excel sheets, Pictures, and more.

This means we are going to have a clearer understanding and more importantly easy comprehension of how this could be done. 

May I delight you that it is very easy to combine multiple emails to a single mail and then send it to the sender instead of forwarding every individual mail, which most people find as an easy route anyway.

In this article, I would be glad to share with you some easy steps to help attach an email to another email in Outlook.  

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Here are the few steps to attach an email to another email using Outlook.
  1. Launch your Outlook application.
  2. Click on the Home Tab. 
  3. Click on the New Mail icon.
  4. Proceed to type your message.
  5. Enter the sender email address,
  6. Include the draft subject, and to the crux of the matter: let's proceed to attach an email to an email.
  7. Click on Message, then proceed to Click attach item (from the Include section) or you could also Click Insert, then Outlook items (from the Include section)] either way, both will take you to the same gateway which is "Insert item".
  8. Now that this is sorted, let me remind you that the Insert Item is a separate dialog box that consists of the ‘Look in’ section, which reveals all your email IDs, you can click the email ID and then select from Inbox, Sent, Spam, depending on your pick.
  9. Once done with the selection, you would observe that the list of emails or information comes down, now proceed to select the email or what you intend to attach with your email. 
  10. You would have to press and hold the Ctrl key to forward multiple emails as attachments with the single mail. 

This leads us to the choice to select; which could be in either Text or Attachment. 

Should you intend to send via text, please note that the selected mail will impose your existing message content and there would be no visible attachment. 

On the other hand, if you intend to send it as an attachment, the selected mails would be attached with your mail as an attachment. This becomes obvious once you double click on the attachment, as a separate dialog box of that mail would pop up. 

  1. Go ahead to click the Send Button and then voila! the receiver will get the attached email to the email as intended. 

 Easy right? 

I’m super glad I was helpful there; let me make it premium by further sharing the following.

  1. If you observe that your long attachment file names are shortened in Outlook Web App, don’t sweat it. The contents of the file are unaffected by a shorter name.
  2. Your choice of attachment is not limited to a Word document, as it could also be can be in any program, a .wav file, or a bitmap file, whatever your file format pick would be.
  3. Please keep in mind that the default size limit for an entire message, including all attachments, in Outlook Web App is 25 MB or 35 MB. Attachment and message size limits for your mailbox, on the other hand, are set by your organization and therefore may vary from the default limits.

There you have it. Go on, send your email already!

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