How do you create an Inclusive Design?

How do you create an Inclusive Design?
My high school days made it clear to me what life was all about. A teacher could come to class and ask the one who scores better when “they” [our class] could consider having a class [right in front of others], I mean we matter too, right? But, No! He just asks him, right in front of us all, even when we pointed out our views, Nah! He concludes with the one he [the teacher] has called. High school though! 

Well, you must have seen the conclusion somewhere at some point that life is not fair, something close to the rule of an autocratic government where your voice doesn’t count. I mean, democracy still makes you feel like you matter, even though politics remains a practice, but nothing feels better than being inclusive in design creation. 

I will be sharing with you today insights on how to create an inclusive design, perhaps throw some examples, and we conclude with the focus of inclusive infrastructure. Please read through to the end. 

What is Inclusive design? 
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In general, Inclusive design is a design approach that aims to make a product, service, or environment accessible to as many individuals as possible, especially those who have historically been excluded from using interfaces or navigating environments. 

Inclusive designs have a way to factor in all possible situations to ensure a smooth user experience at any point of use. While this may not be tagged to impairments alone, external environmental or situations are all considered and included in the design. 

What is an example of inclusive design? 
Inclusive designs are intentional designs thought out to cater to everyone beyond settling for the average. Some of such examples as you can find around you are: 

1. Language
While we should understand that even though most people speak English, some don't, likewise are there some who are impaired, and cannot see or even read. Therefore, a choice of signage that gives a clue, or inclusion of audio where necessary, or a tactile form to help the blind note a hazard ahead/or around. 

2. Accessibility
The inclusive design would help builders factor all scenarios when designing the entrance to a building. Such that the stair walk is wide enough to accommodate both the plus sizes and average, likewise are the steps not too big it becomes a hurdle to climb. A steep slide-through entrance is also factored in for those who use the wheelchair. 

3. Banking
I bet several people didn’t know that the keypads on some if not most ATM [Automated Teller Machine] is designed to have that braille feel for the visually impaired, such that they can initiate cash transactions on a terminal without any possible hitch or assistance. 

4. Customization
Take for instance while using the computer or an application, there is an option that affords the users to create unique features for themselves, beyond the light intensity, and colour contrast. 

What is inclusive construction design? 
Inclusive construction design is the consideration of all possible factors from teaming experts in the field ranging from civil engineers, architects, surveyors, realtors, electricians, and the home décor expert to create a masterpiece that would serve beyond the average, but everybody who seeks the services. 

What is the focus of inclusive infrastructure? 
If thereby is a focus on inclusive infrastructure, it would be the design of actual and intentional amenities that would be beneficial to everyone in the jurisdiction or of eligibility, such that none is left out.

This being said, any infrastructure development that increases good results in social inclusiveness and assures that no individual, community, or social group is left behind or hindered from benefiting from enhanced infrastructure would be the focal point for the design of the inclusive infrastructure tool. 

How do you create an inclusive design? 
The inclusive design takes into account the complete spectrum of human variety in terms of ability, language, culture, gender, age, and other factors. It gives designers the freedom to build things that benefit as many people as possible.  

The below steps would help in creating an inclusive design. 
1. Identify points of exclusion 
2. Identify challenges around the situations. 
3. Identify personal biases 
4. Seek alternative ways to address the subject. 
5. Provide equivalent experiences 
6. Provide a solution that serves everyone. 

In the long run, everyone matters. Don’t leave any behind.
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