How does a massive open online course work?

How does a massive open online course work?
As the year gradually closes to festivity, knowing Christmas is barely a few blocks away, major institutions, organizations, and anything brick and mortar also gradually draw their curtains, giving themselves a pat on the back for a year survived, while going back to the drawing board to project the next year. 

While this is common to all, what may appear uncommon would be the reality that when business is open back to all in the coming year after the festivity, some would still proceed to work remotely from the comfort of their space rather than go all brick and mortar. 

A good example of organizations that would resume their virtual way of rendering services in the open online course work, and I shall be kind enough to tell you more about this as you read on. 

What is massive open online coursework? 
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A massive open online course (MOOC) is a free web-based distance learning program aimed at huge groups of students from all over the world compared to the conventional mode of learning at a physical school. 

MOOCs are not only cost-effective and flexible using their online course guide but also has been a new age approach to learning new skills, while you proceed to multi-task, keep safe where necessary [considering the outbreak of the COVID-19], further enhance your career, as you enjoy high-quality educational experiences with a virtual gathering of people dispersed around with a common goal to learn. 

How does a massive open online course work? 
Going by our new reality whereby considerations have been set in due to the COVID-19 outbreak in educational institutions, and other organizations, several people have considered the virtual way of handling their businesses, and the world has accepted the new order. 

A MOOC work is structured like your conventional school course. Although these courses may not often provide academic credits just like your brick and mortar, they guarantee to provide a certification, improve work possibilities, and provide options for additional study. MOOCs are often utilized for higher education and professional development. 

Since these courses are virtual, they would require you have an internet facility, a device that can conveniently serve the option to read, initiate a video, talk where necessary, and a good device battery life.  

What are massive online open course examples? 
Just as the name implies, a Massive online open course requires a large number of people with mixed demographics but bounded by the name course provider.  

While several course providers are rendering the MOOC, below are some free platforms of credible ratings to consider. 
1. Coursera. 
2. EdX 
3. Udemy 
4. Udacity 
5. Canvas network 
6. Future learn. 
7. Iversity. 

What is true about massive open online courses? 
The MOOC is here to stay, going by the new world order. While this is not just tied to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the world is a new phase of gradually comparing ways things can be done while funds are saved, and the MOOC is an avenue. 

Some of the things known with the MOOC are listed below. 

1. It is a virtual class dispersed with people from another demographic. 
2. You will get certified if all criteria set by the course provider are attained. 
3. You have the opportunity to multitask. 
4. You would require stable internet service and a device to help communicate. 
5. Some MOOCs are free, others come at a cost. 
6. Some of the certifications have greater weight than your conventional degrees. 
7. Your certification is verified, and legit if conducted from a registered platform. 
8. MOOC study is flexible, as you can decide to pause or learn at your time of convenience [depending on the course] 

What are the two main types of a massive open online course? 
There are two major types of massive open online courses which are: xMOOC and cMOOC. 

xMOOCs are built on standard course frameworks and employ tried-and-true teaching methods and resources. Students have the opportunity to view pre-recorded lectures, study needed materials, and participate in conversations that have been created and curated by their facilitator.  
xMOOCs are usually self-contained, and they seldom, if ever, use content from sources outside than the primary content distribution and learning platform which is the major difference compared to the other type. 

This is a type of MOOC that embraces learning theories that emphasize cooperation as a form of active learning, underpinning cMOOCs. This act entails the facilitator, collecting, and evaluating the students' contributions to the course to foster learning.  

Students in a cMOOC in their bid collaborate to find, assess, and add course content by using the learning platform to upload resources respectively. 
The MOOC should be considered to keep growing your knowledge bank, likewise for your career lift where necessary. 
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