How does a Mobile app work?

How does a Mobile app work?
Mobile apps have been creatively designed to make the conventional process flow seamless from the comfort of your space with the use of a smart device, such that you can enjoy the same service [if not more] from the choice of downloading and using a mobile app.  

In today’s article, I shall be dwelling on Mobile app development, its design, and how a mobile app works; please be sure to read through to the end. 

How does Mobile app work? 
Yesterday, I saw this piece which says: “If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat”. If this does not apply to our everyday life, I doubt if we understand the place of the process then.  

Just as the process is relative and differs for every case study, in the context of our article, there is a need to download an app before you can see how it works. 

Although each app is unique for the purpose intended for, there are some differences in how they operate, however, they all follow the same procedure. Mobile apps are designed by the use of pieces of software to form a single program that addresses a problem for everybody and at the same time brings convenience. 

Factors to consider for a Mobile app to work. 
There is a need to be clear on the sole aim of creating an app. You have to identify with industry, either it’s a Bank app, a Game app, a Utility app, or more; once this is sorted, there is a need to carve a niche as against the traditional model of service delivery and what makes you exceptional.
Every year, Operating System platforms like the Apple store and Google Play Store remove a sizeable number of inactive apps that have created an app but have not gathered traffic due to many reasons. A Mobile app can work if you have considered how to make financial gains to service the app from bugs, hosting, revamping, and the likes. It is also worthy to identify if the app is free or comes at a charge, if the former, carefully get your team to review and analyze how you would generate revenue to float the app. 

Considering the industry your app would fit in, there is a need to not be all jumpy and explore colors without understanding where you fit in, it will rather confuse your audience and you may not be getting the right balance intended. The theme color, the text color, the background color, and navigation should be discussed with your app developer. 

Mobile app design and development can be a task, however, The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai makes the journey seamless. 

Focus on your reviews and rating since these are some of the avenues to see how your app is running by your best ally, the users. 
Once reviews are received, review with your team and take necessary action. If you have a section on your app, please do not disregard the feedbacks, but provide feedback even though the comments could be bad; it goes a long way if you make it known that the feedback was accepted and being reviewed. 

Once you have launched your app and it is running, there is a need to constantly run checks, debug and maintain to ensure optimization. 
While it is agreed that Mobile apps are designed for a different purpose but with the same aim as a factor, which is convenience; apps are of 3 categories namely: 

The native app centers on Mobile apps which have been created especially for a type of Operating system, which means they can run on perhaps Android or iOS only. The Native apps have enjoyed this uniqueness in the app development and enjoy faster load time, better efficiency from the app and phone synchronization, and the fact that the battery consumption on the device is less. 

2. WEB
The Web app is also regarded as Progressive Web App [PWA]. 
Compared to the native app, PWA is not a standalone app, since it requires the web to function effectively. PWA does not require the need to download, hence you save your memory space of the device and proceed with the intended service. 

This is the fusion of both Native and Web apps for the optimization of the app design. 
The easiest method to discover a mobile app's originality and how it works is to "get out of the boat" and download it, and then continue using it.

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