How does a widget work on a website?

How does a widget work on a website?
How a widget works on a website is phenomenal, imagine having the option of sharing your web information [services/products] from your main web page on another different website. This means you could be on everyone’s website [if that is your aim] serving information/service while leveraging on the existing platform. 

One of my favorite movies has to be the 2014 film “Lucy” for many reasons asides from the ever pretty face of Scarlett Johansson who is an amazing actress if I do say so myself; it is the afterthought of the film beyond entertainment/leisure, in which a scene had the Professor [Morgan Freeman] asking Lucy where she is, and her response was “Everywhere”. This part comes to life when you use the entirety of your brain in its full capacity.

While I won't bore you with my weird afterthoughts, the place of interest here to the topic is the place of being everywhere, and that is the option a widget can provide on a website. 

In today’s article, I am excited to share with you a better understanding of what a widget is and how it operates on websites. 

What is a Widget? 
A Widget is a window into the features and functionality of another website over which you have control. A widget runs a small part of another website, similar to an iframe, on another website. Depending on how the service is configured, the host website may have little or no knowledge of what happens within the widget. 

Furthermore, a web widget is a piece of code that is usually added to your website. This requires codes that would retrieve material from another website and place it on a page on your website.  

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How does a widget work on a website? 
A web widget is also known as HTML embeds, embed code, plug-ins, and gadgets. Regardless of how it is called, chances are your website allows you to put embed code into a page so that the web widget seems to be a part of that page. 

With the aid of a widget, visitors do not need to leave the website or launch a new tab to view the material since web widgets are embedded. For example, instead of having to click a link that opens YouTube in a separate tab, it's convenient to have a YouTube video player directly on the homepage. Including a video makes the website more visually appealing and draws attention. While YouTube embeds are ubiquitous, there is a whole universe of web widgets available for free that can be added to your website. 

1. It’s as easy as just copying the code of what you intended to link on the existing page. To enjoy this service, you may need to first click an Embed, />, Menu, Share, or Export button to get embed code. 
2. When previewing the code of a web widget, you may be given choices to alter the widget. Then you'll see a lot of text with brackets, quotations, numerals, and other symbols. Proceed to copy the HTML code 
3. To insert the copied set of codes, remember this may vary depending on your web builder used, however, it is best to review your web builder's steps on how to best deal with the inclusion of widgets to your platform. 

While the widget has brought more visibility than any reason to worry about shortcomings, during the process of developers copying codes from the platform, chances could be that some of the codes could be malicious to the devices of the users, such that the widget might run harmful client-side code on their machines. That's why it's important to either utilize widgets from reputable sources or to ensure ahead of time that the widgets perform exactly what they claim. 

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