How does digital marketing influence customers?

How does digital marketing influence customers?
It’s a beautiful time to be alive, to behold the sudden sweep of digitization across all spheres, to smile through the un-learning and re-learning of old business models of traditional marketing while embracing the chuckling baby – Digital Marketing. 

As the world grows more digital and interconnected post-Covid-19, companies and marketers are daily embracing contemporary digital marketing tactics to interact with potential clientele; and the results? Your guess is as good as mine. 

It is no gainsaying that irrespective of the harsh realities of the present time, be it the pandemic, global warming, politics, and religious views, people still have to live and eat more importantly [according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs] therefore devising new strategies to adapt. 
In this article, I shall dwell on the advent of digital marketing as a viable tool in the present time and how digital marketing influences customers. 

Why consider Digital Marketing? 
According to the Hootsuite source, the overall population of the UAE [United Arab Emirates] is 9.83 million, of which 18.38 million mobile connections are displayed with 187% population penetration. Internet users in the region total 9.73 million people, while active social media users in the UAE total 9.73 million people with 99% penetration. 

Upon drawing up this article, a study has shown that in the UAE, people spend more hours surfing the internet than watching the TV, I'm talking some healthy 7 hours, 3 minutes devotion to the internet within 24 hours. For every business entity, the establishment of the internet usage time only means you, potential customers. 

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How does digital marketing influence customers? 
1. Open communication. 
Today, interacting with potential clients may be compared to spinning a roulette wheel. Social media serves as the wheel itself, allowing businesses to connect with people in a public setting while also offering a conduit for the promotion of products, services, and transparent messages. 

Right now, one–on–one texting and private chat groups are exploding. Facebook Messenger has 900 million global users, and surveys suggest that teens increasingly spend more time on messaging applications than on social networks. To capitalize on this expanding market, astute businesses are inventing means of engaging with and marketing to potential customers via these types of applications.
2. Show of transparency
Customers in today's digital environment want to know more about the businesses with which they engage and make purchases. To develop loyalty, businesses must be open and display their personality as well as the company's values online. This is especially important when it comes to food items since customers want to know exactly what's in the food they eat. 

The reward for business brands that are honest and transparent with their customers is loyalty, with 94% of consumers professing to remain with a company that gives openness and 73% prepared to pay extra for a product that delivers it. 

3. Stirs impulsive buying
Brands may use digital marketing to promote their items at the correct time and location when the consumer is most likely to make an impulsive or spontaneous buy. Brands employ strategies such as online bargains, offers, and discounts to get customers to buy their items right away. 
In an offline context, this is extremely uncommon, but it may be utilized by marketers to entice buyers. 

4. Tailored service experience
Customers benefit from a tailored purchasing experience when they use digital marketing. Companies have discovered that many customers do not want to spend a lot of time studying new items and prefer immediate gratification. Brands have built and updated their digital content to give customers a more personalized purchasing experience. This will have a significant impact on consumer purchasing. 

In conclusion, it is apparent that the world currently relies on the internet for a great quadrant of their duties every day, hence it is a great tool to capitalize content from your comfort space to the end of the earth.  

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