How does the UAE support international humanitarian problems?

How does the UAE support international humanitarian problems?
Humanitarian problems abound all around us, from the rare occurrence of natural disasters to insurgencies beyond grasp which has made homes displaced, and livelihood lost for the survivors. There is a need that aids and relief support to be sent to these locations. 

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Climate change, outbreaks, the food crisis and financial crises, severe poverty, urbanization, security, migration, and population expansion will all have an impact on the caseloads and operating settings that humanitarian organizations will face. These problems — driven by a variety of political, economic, legal, demographic, environmental, and technical reasons – are apparent in their individual and combined implications on international humanitarian activity which we shall be considering in today’s topic. 

How does the UAE support international humanitarian problems? 
One of the major blows 2020 tendered was the outbreak of the COVID-19 which was not limited to demographics but observed as an epidemic. While some regions experienced a weighty impact of its blow, others were able to deploy profound control measures to tackle it. 

Using the COVID-19 as a typical example, The UAE offered humanitarian supplies to several nations to support them in combating the disease.  
Amongst the many hands of hope extended by the UAE government was covering the expenses of COVID-19 essential patients' stem cell therapy. Emirates Red Crescent became a patron and offered care to the families of COVID-19 victims. To coordinate national efforts to battle the disease, the UAE established a fund called 'The Fund of the United Arab Emirates: Homeland of Humanity.'  

Why does the UAE assist poor countries? 
The UAE has a project called the UAE aid, which has the sole aim of assisting individuals or bodies who are not privileged. The UAE seeks to enhance world peace and security by eradicating poverty and improving the standard of living for all people, regardless of religion, language, or boundaries, and poor countries. 

Officially, the UAE's foreign aid is aimed at "reducing poverty and increasing quality of life. The UAE identifies "humanitarian assistance, poverty eradication, support for children, transportation, infrastructure, government support, and women's empowerment" as major foreign aid priorities. Much of the country's foreign aid is directed at long-term infrastructure upgrades in countries like Egypt and Afghanistan. Refugees in Syria and Yemen are also a benefactor of this humanitarian aid, as well as Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. 

What is the UAE doing to help the environment? 
While the protection of the environment is not tied to a country, but every individual on the face of the planet, the UAE has intentionally played active roles in safeguarding the environment through the prohibition of marine dumping, the implementation of laws and regulations, the pursuit of sustainability, and other means. 

Environmental preservation is seen as the primary goal of the UAE's development policies, which aim to increase green spaces, develop water resources, improve the marine environment and protect it from pollution, preserve fisheries and livestock, and create biodiversity protection measures. 

Does UAE give foreign aid? 
Indeed, the UAE contributes to international help; in fact, it is one of the world's greatest donors.

The UAE just started reporting exact foreign aid figures to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) approximately a decade ago (OECD). The UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the president and prime minister, have been vocal in their opposition to foreign aid since then.

In addition to UAE government donor organizations, the UAE has promised to sponsor organizations and charities that work in overseas aid.

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