How does Web design impact content marketing?

How does Web design impact content marketing?
In Finishing schools and etiquettes, it is usually said that first impression counts since you may never have the opportunity of making another statement. In the fashion world, it is agreed that image is everything. This is why I stand by the statement that “perception is a new reality”; after all, what a man perceives is what is shaped in the heart of their mind. 

Web design is one of the showbiz of content marketing as it holds more than just User Interface [UI] with the display of carefully blended colours and texts superimposed for a worthwhile User Experience [UX] but also has a psychological interpretation with the colour pick and how the user interprets them, hence there is more to web design than a stroke of a brush to a portrait. 

This article will capture how web design impacts content marketing and why you should pay more attention to your web designs henceforth. 

The Impact of Content Marketing. 
Content marketing has been an intentional arm of Digital Marketing since it holds the story of the brand and how the brand is being perceived. While there are several tools deployed to ensure Content Marketing is attained, a focal point would always be the website which most businesses especially the virtual stores owe not just to themselves to ensure they project the right image, but to their audience as well, doubling their possible convert to sale ratio for pricing on custom website design check this page
The impact of content marketing is as significant as the place of content creation since it requires the right energy of strategy in feeding the audience with information that does not scream desperation to close a sale but to feed the online surfer and prospects information that over time builds trust, loyalty and an option to render services. 

How does web design impact Content Marketing? 
A study has shown that over 90% of businesses take an interest to invest 25% of their marketing budget into Content Marketing.  

Web design is the superimposition of media files ranging from texts to video, requiring a carefully detailed layout that embraces the content with good colours and typography to ensure a wonderful User Interface [UI] and a User Experience [UX] while navigating. 

The impact of Web design on Content Marketing is seen below. 
1.  Web design is the voice of the content. 
A familiar voice or soft-spoken voice has a higher chance of getting your attention. Therefore, if in the area of being a familiar voice, your mind plays the psychology of perception to what you like or have seen/experienced in time past and feels the need to answer the call [which is to surf the page in this context]; same goes with the familiar voice.  

2. It fuels your Search Engine Optimization [SEO] 
A handful of web design components and practices have an impact on how information is published on a website, this ripples to impact how search engine crawlers index your website. If your on-page SEO foundations are lacking, it won't be magic that your off-page SEO suffers as well from the get-go. 

Although the place of content presentation on your website is vital, certain web design aspects might have a direct impact on SEO. 
To engage the best team of seasoned professionals in SEO for a tangible impact in your Content Marketing, The Watchtower - Web Design Agency, Dubai is a frontier in Digital Marketing. 

3. It creates a Customer Service image. 
You might be shocked, but people can imagine how you will treat them based on what they see on your website. Your web design reveals how you see your target audience. Therefore, if you don't put any work into the design of your website, your audience will assume you won't put any effort into assisting them and they never will trust you. Ask around, it’s that simple! 

Your website functions similarly to a customer care representative; so, help her speak the right language. 

4. You don’t want to be left out. 
Let me say it like this: your competitors are doing it. If you are still seeking more validation as to why you need to deploy a good web design for your content marketing, there you have it. 

Every business brand wants its website to stand out from the crowd. Hence, there is a need to tactfully invest in this, else, your rivals may outrank you if you have an old, and low-quality website.  

Don’t lose leads to your rivals because you refused to update/upgrade your web design.  

Now that you have some justification for the impact of web design on your Content Marketing, there is a need to also stress that you pay close attention to the web development of your website, especially the loading time. If the page is too heavy, navigation is poor, the domain name is crappy... you may just waste the effort of a proficient web designer’s work by not letting the user get to see the beauty of your services. 

The Watchtower - Web Design Agency, Dubai will save you off the worries of Digital Marketing and SEO analytics for your brand. 
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